Week 13 has seen me complete the first 1000 miles of my challenge!

Over the past 91 days I have managed to walk enough miles to get me a quarter of the way to my goal of 4000 miles.

The past 3 months have been a true challenge due mainly to the adverse weather conditions and a pesky sprained ankle. It has been a struggle to keep going at times.

With every obstacle that was thrown in my way, I have to admit that I did think at times I would be way behind on my schedule but, thanks to the amazing support of my family and friends, I managed to pick up the pace and gain the miles.

The first 1000 miles

These first 1000 miles have really taught me to be more flexible in my approach to my walking schedule. At the start of my walk I thought I could plan out my day to the minute and follow a tight schedule of walking.

In my 2016 challenge the weather was much kinder to me and I was luckily free of injuries for the majority of the walk which made maintaining a schedule possible which is why I had thought that in 2018 I would be able to do the same.

When the temperature dropped, the winds starts to blow and rain / snow fell with alarming regularity and volume, I realised that perhaps my plans had to change and this was especially highlighted when I sprained my ankle and I had to swap trails for the couch for a few days.

After tackling these additional mini-challenges, I still have a schedule to follow but it is a lot more flexible and I have found that I am enjoying the challenge a lot more than I did at the start.

Joined by others

At the beginning off my challenge I set myself some rules to follow and one of these was to encourage people to get out walking. I think it is important that when taking on a challenge like this that you are openly sharing over the web that you actively engage with the people following your progress and be there to answers any questions they may have and offer support if needed.

Over the past 13 weeks I have been sent many emails and messages from people who, after hearing about mine, have taken on a walking challenge of their own and it has been great to hear their stories and what it motivating them to get out walking. I have also met many people as I walked through the Fife countryside and along the coastal path and I have made some new friends and I hope to make many more as I make my way through the remaining 3000 miles.

The next 3000 miles

Now that I have completed 25% of my goal, I am feeling healthier and, after a few tweaks to my plans, I am confident that the next 3000 miles are going to be both easier to manage and really enjoyable.

Walking on…

Next week will see me heading back to the Ochils as I join some Walk Fife friends as they get themselves prepared for walking the West Highland Way this coming July. I really enjoy walking across this small but mighty hill range as it offers some wonderful scenery and terrific walking.

If you have any questions about this challenge or anything Walk Fife related, then please drop me a email at sean@walkfife.com or direct message me through my twitter account @SDMakin.

Catch up with you again next week.

Happy Walking!

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Week 14 of Sean’s 4000 Mile Walking Challenge - Walk Fife