Learning the skills that keep you safe while hill walking is vitally important.

The Walk Fife team always make a point of sharing these skills through our walking workshops.

There are many weighty book titles covering the topic of safety on the hills but strangely there are few that are actually pocket sized and it seems odd that many publishers have not thought about this. Mountain Rescue (England & Wales) has addressed this issue by producing a handy pocket sized guidebook.

Call Out Mountain Rescue? A Pocket Guide to Safety on the Hill

As the title suggests, this is an ideal size for walkers to stuff into their rucksacks or jacket pocket ready to be grabbed for quick reference while out and about.

The guidebook contains a wealth of information and handy snippets for the walkers both new and experienced. Topics include what should you should be packing in your rucksack and how best to pack it, how to plan your route along with some excellent advice on how to avoid hazards and stay safe while enjoying the hills and mountains.

Call for rescue?

The remainder of the book covers what you should do if you have an accident or you run into trouble while on the trail. This is where the full title of the book begins to make a little more sense.

Calling on the services of a mountain rescue team is a big decision and must be handled correctly for the sake of all involved and this is where this pocket guide becomes really valuable for the walker. The book describes the mountain rescue call out procedure and includes advice on how best to communicate the relevant information to the emergency services operator.

Following on from the MRT section is a brief run through of emergency first aid techniques which has been well illustrated making the instructions easy to follow even for those who have not yet taken a first aid course. The Walk Fife team always recommend that every walker become first aid qualified as knowing these skills may well save a life someday.

Alongside the serious content are some snippets offering advice on where you can research various different topics connected with the outdoors, a brief history behind the mountain rescue service and some countryside wisdom.


Although a little lacking in areas and in need of some minor revision (this 2nd edition was published in 2010), this little book is a good pocket guide for the novice walker looking something to refer to before heading out or while out on the trail.

Call Out Mountain Rescue? A Pocket Guide to Safety on the Hill

Quality Of Content - 85%
Overall Design - 80%
Value For Money - 90%


Good Read

A good reference book for the walker on the trial.

Dimensions: 12.5 x 2.3 x 15 cm
Spiral-bound: 170 pages
Publisher: Mountain Rescue Council
ISBN: 978-0950176598
Available From: Amazon

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