Being safe at night on the hills is important and as such a good torch is an essential.

I often take a head torch with me when walking and camping as part of my regular safety kit.

The main advantage that a headlamp has over a handheld torch is simply that is allows you to keep you hands free for either reading your map or perhaps allowing you to use walking poles unhindered.

Climbing Technology Lumex Pro Head Lamp

The Lumex Pro Head Lamp from Italian firm, Climbing Technology, is pitched at the climbing market but I have found that this lamp is ideal for the hill walker.

This particular model has been superseded by a new version but you can still purchase it from various online and small independent outdoors stores. The difference between the new and old models is purely cosmetic with only a few minor changes to its construction.

The main forward facing light is mounted on a 90 degree pivotal head and is operated by a single button above the lens and it’s very easy to choose the most appropriate light setting. The button can easily be pushed even when wearing heavy winter gloves which is something many torches I have owned failed on.

This multipurpose head torch features 5 frontal lighting modes and 2 rear lighting modes making it really flexible for both walking and camping interns of safety and functionality.

The Lumex Pro has a standard eco mode which provides a sufficient amount of light to carry out almost any activity while in camp while preserving battery life. When you need a beam to be directed over a long distance, switching to 185 lumen high mode will give you a powerful beam which can be focussed or opened up to a wide beam. There is a flashing feature as well allow you signal your position in case of emergency.

There is a useful red light feature incorporate into the main lamp that helps to preserve your night vision when checking your map while on the trail or moving around camp when you don’t want to wake others.

The unit has a nice additional safety feature in the form of a integrated red safety light on the rear mounted battery pack which has 2 modes, flashing or constant. This is handy for allowing others to monitor your position when walking through darkened areas and is a feature I especially like.

In use

I have been using the Lumex Pro since 2014 in both the hills and the mountains and I have found it to be practical, powerful and, more importantly, easy to use.

The unit is water resistant and has survived some serious down pours without any problems making it perfect for a wide range of outdoor activities including camping, trail running, hill walking, mountaineering and biking.

The battery life of 16 hours at full power is good especially as it is powered using standard AA batteries (it takes 3) and this is can be extended even further by using high quality rechargeables instead. Changing batteries while on the go is fairly straight forward.


My only slight issue with the Lumex Pro is that the design of the forward facing lamp does allow for a lot of mud and gunk to gather and it can clog up the focussing bezel preventing it from functioning until cleaned out but to be honest that is not going to be a great problem for many of us.

In my opinion, even though it is now 4 years old, I think the Lumex Pro is excellent in terms of features, battery life and toughness. I give it a thumbs up.

Climbing Technology Lumex Pro Head Lamp

Overall Design - 8
Overall Quality - 9
Effectiveness - 9
Value For Money - 8



In my opinion, even though it is now 4 years old, I think the Lumex Pro is excellent in terms of features, battery life and toughness for the same money.


Lamp Type: CREE LED
Lighting Modes: 5
Battery Life: 16 hrs
Red Light: Yes
Water Resistant: Yes
Power: x3 AA
Available from: eBay or Climbing Technology

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  • Nick

    As you I have been using my lumex pro for almost 5 years until few days ago when it silently past away. I managed to identify that issue is with the connection between the cable and the battery box (if all other parts are immobilised, slight bend in this area kills the front light; baclight is working).

    Do you have any idea how to fix this?

    • Creative109876zT

      Hi Nick. We are not sure how you could fix that problem apart from replacing the cable entirely. If you do find a fix let us know. Thanks

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