When going out for a full day walking in the countryside it is often a good idea to bring a stove along with you.

The Coleman Fyrestorm PCS Stove is a lightweight “Personal Cooking System” that allow the walker to grab a cuppa or a hot meal quickly when out exploring.

The stove consists of a gas fuelled burner and a squat looking pot which when combined provide a effective and fairly lightweight cooking system.

The Burner

The burner is supplied gas via a steel braided hose which connects to standard camping gas canisters through a well machined and solid gas regulation valve.

Running along the hose is the piezo electric ignition system. The igniter setup does look a little flimsy but it is actual well made and fairly sturdy although you have to make sure that when packing the stove that care is taken not to snag the lightweight cable. Of course if the ignition system were to fail, you can always still light the stove using a match or lighter.

The burner has been designed to be folded down and stored with the pot. This great feature for transporting the stove and has the added advantage of being able to be used as a standalone burner unlike similar more expensive systems which are more integrated and can not be used easily on their own.

When used on it’s own the burner provides a stable platform for reasonable sized pots and camping kettles. When paired with the system’s own pot and windshield, the burner can boil up 1 litre of water in between 4 mins 30 secs (no wind) and 6 mins 30 secs (3m/s windspeed) which while isn’t as fast as more expensive “jetboil” type stoves, it is still fairly quick.

The Pot

The pot for the system is well designed and can hold up to 1.3 litres. The whole pot (and windshield) has been treated with a non-stick coating for ease of use and is supplied with a clip-on silicon lid.

The lid can be tricky to fit initially but after some use it becomes more pliable. The lid also features a pouring spout and a drain (handy for pasta) which both work well in use.

The pot is wrapped in a neoprene cover with a integrated webbing backed handle to allow you to move the pot when it is hot. The cover can be removed easily for cleaning.

The windshield fits to the base of the pot in a twisting manner and allows you to place the pot onto the burner and it slots into position making it very stable. The windshield worked well when I took it out on a walk on very windy day across the Ochils and it ignited everytime.

When packing the stove away, the windshield is locked on to the top of the pot to give enough space for you to pack both the burner and gas canister into it.  Before packing the stove into the pot I would advise that you wrap it in a tea towel to prevent it from scratching away the non-stick coating.


After using the Coleman Fyrestorm PCS Stove across many, many miles, I have found it to be an excellent stove. This stove is ideal for the person who is just out for the day walking or spending a weekend camping in the wild.

Coleman Fyrestorm PCS Stove

Overall Design - 8
Overall Quality - 8
Effectiveness - 9
Value For Money - 9



After using the Coleman Fyrestorm PCS Stove across many, many miles, I have found it to be an excellent stove.


Weight: 576g
Fuel: Gas
Power: 2200
Ignition: Piezo Electric
Available From: Amazon

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