A sturdy and tough light source is an essential piece of safety equipment for the walker.

When out walking at night or in low light conditions safety is very important.

Unlike a traditional handheld torch, a headlamp allows you to keep you hands free for either reading your map or perhaps allowing you to use walking poles unhindered in dark or low light conditions.

There are many different types of headlamps available to the walker ranging from the basic lamps through to super-featured units that offer many functions and prices can vary.

Energiser Vision HD+ Headlight

In recent years the Energiser brand has been associated with budget and often disappointing products but, happily for the walker, in the headlight division there is something else going on which won’t disappoint.

Energiser has created a range of headlights that really work effectively. They have proven themselves to be popular with walkers and climbers alike and have even themselves spread into the construction and manufacturing industries as a mainstay of reliable and affordable illumination.

The Vision HD+ is one of their range and is packed with features you would only expect from units provided by the mainstream manufacturers.


The Vision HD+ has been constructed from tough wearing materials and has been designed for the active person in mind. The design allows for a very sturdy and resilient construction that can survive drops, bashes and crushes. The lamp is water resistant and can deal with a light shower or quick dip.

The power switch is of a push-button design and is located at the top of the unit and is of a good size and can be operated when wearing gloves. The pivoting head gives you the freedom to direct light easily and is secure and easy to use.

The adjustable headband is generous and well made and can accommodate even the biggest noggin while hiding under a beanie and hood.

It’s all about the lumens….

Lumens is something some often walkers get a little flustered about but in reality this measurement is something a little misleading. The Vision HD+ can pump out 250 lumens at full blast but that is something most walkers will seldom employ when heading out on the trail. The lamp can be cycled through high, low and spot modes to suit the surroundings and need.

The unit is also equipped with a red light source to bale walkers to check their maps or make their way around camp without losing their night vision. The red light is soft and is provided by two LED’s.


I have used the Vision HD+ for many camping trips over the course this past year and it has also served me well at work. The battery life is around 7-12 hours depending on which mode you use. I found that the low light has been more than sufficient for most uses and the batteries last for 12 hours easily. It has dealt with all the knocks, bumps and scrapes and working life has subjected it to and it still remains fully functional and ready for the hills.


The Vision HD+ Headlight is a very capable entry level headlight at a very affordable and easy to access price.

Review by Ian Simpson

Energiser Vision HD+ Headlight

Overall Design - 8
Overall Quality - 9
Effectiveness - 9
Value For Money - 9


Very Good

The Energiser Vision HD+ is a very capable entry level headlight for the walker.


Weight: 89g
Water Resistant: Yes
Power: x3 AAA
Bulb: LED
Lumens: 250
Modes: 4
Red Light: Yes
Available From: Amazon

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