Episode 7 of the Walk Fife Podcast joins Sean as he verifies one of the walking routes submitted to the website.

Sean talks about how Walk Fife recently hit over 100 walking routes shared through the website and thanks everyone for their support in achieving this amazing goal.

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Sean also talks about our campaign to raise some money to help Walk Fife further develop and make the website more functional and informative.

As Sean walks this short woodland walk he talks about how important it is to provide a accurate and detailed description with each route you submit for sharing through the website.

Describing a route

Descriptions make it much easier for people to both identify the kind of walk they would like to try and also helps people navigate the route as they walk it. Sean points out some things that are good to include in a route description and also why including some handy tips along the way will make the walk more enjoyable for people walking your route.

Safety for the walker

Safety is another topic for this episode and Sean explains why we now have a safety notice pop up when you go to download routes from the site for the first time. He highlights the need for people to take a map and compass with them on their walks as a back up if they intend on using their smartphones and GPS devices as a method of navigating their route. We covered the pros and cons of these devices in a recent video which can be found at https://youtu.be/MkyW-OcricM

Wheelchair friendly routes

Sean mentions that are also looking for people to help us list wheelchair accessible routes on the Walk Fife website after we were asked to suggest some to visitors to Fife. We are looking to add a new category to the website for accessible routes to help people with limited walking abilities find and enjoy everything Fife has to offer.

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