When walking in the colder months it is important to dress appropriately in order to stay warm.

Dressing in layers is an effective way of preventing sudden rises or falls in your core body temperature as this can lead to you developing conditions such as hypothermia or heat exhaustion.

When you are walking, your body heats up and begins to perspire and when you stop your body cools and the perspiration cools and saps the heat from your body so it important to consider the garments that you are using in your layering system.

Your outer layer should protect you from the elements and is usually the heaviest / bulkiest of your layers. The middle layer should be garment that both helps you to retain body heat and wick moisture quickly away from the base layer. The base layer should be as close fitting as possible to minimise heat loss and also to wick moisture away from your skin rapidly. Having an effective base layer is key to this system working effectively.

Highlander Thermo 160 Base Layer

Highlander have been producing outdoor equipment for both the civilian and military markets for several years and they have a number of different base layer solutions available. The Thermo 160 Base Layer is one of these offerings.


The Highlander Thermo 160 Base Layer set is available for both men and women and is rated as a middle weight option for use across many different outdoor activities. The set consists of a long sleeved top and a pair of full length leggings. The set can also be purchased as individual elements.


The garments has been well designed and put together. The fabric used throughout the set is a ripstop (square pattern) polyester fleece which is soft-to-touch. This fabric is very high wicking which is something you really do need in a base layer.

The stitching is of high quality throughout and the seams are all of the flat lock variety which is good especially for a garment that is designed to comfortably cling to your body.

The cut of the garments allows them to suit many different body shapes with causing any uncomfortable bunching up of fabric especially in areas that will be subject to friction while walking.

In use

Having used the Highlander Thermo 160 Base Layer set while walking in some pretty foul weather in the mountains of the Cairngorms, I can honestly say that it works well as an effective base layer. It kept me warm and dry while walking through wind, rain and snow without issue.

When making the customary cuppa stops along the way, the base layer had wicked enough perspiration away from my skin to prevent my body losing too much heat as I cooled down while I rested which was very welcome. After use the base layer can be easily washed and dried ready for your next adventure.


Highlander have produced an effective mid-weight base layer that would suit most walkers and at a very affordable price. Ideal for the Munro Bagger. You can find a stockist by visiting – www.highlander-outdoor.com

Highlander Thermo 160 Base Layer

Overall Design - 8.5
Build Quality - 8.5
Overall Effectiveness - 9
Value For Money - 10


Very Good

Highlander have produced an effective mid-weight base layer that would suit most walkers and at a very affordable price.


  • 100% polyester
  • Ripstop
  • Soft touch fabric
  • High wicking
  • Flat lock seams
  • Sizes: S-XXL
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