Learning to correctly fold a map is a key skill for the walker to learn.

A map that has been folded and stored properly will last you for many years.

In order to stay in good condition a map has to be folded up correctly otherwise it will eventually succumb to unwanted creases which could lead to tears in the map surface. Folding a map can be tricky if you haven’t attempted it before so we have put together this quick 4 step guide on how you can correctly fold your map.

Firstly unfold the map to it's full extent. How to fold a map - Advice for the walker from Walk Fife.

The first step is unfold the map to it’s full extent and ensure that there are no unwanted folds along the edges that will can damage to the map. You should be able to see a grid of creases crisscrossing across the surface of the map. These creases mark the correct lines to follow as you fold the map.

Fold the map in half lengthways.

The second step is to fold the map in half along its length by bringing the top edge over to meet the bottom edge. Make sure that the thick map outer cover is kept outside of this fold.

The third step is to carefully fold the map inwards towards the centre in a accordion style and bring the outer cover into meet the body of the map. Make sure you follow the creases already present on the map to ensure that the folds are uniform and correct.

The fourth and final step is to simply fold the cover in half so it contains the body of the map within it and protecting it from damage.

Storing your map

When out walking it advisable to store your map in a waterproof map case. When at home you should store your map in it’s unfolded form flat in a drawer. Through constantly folding a map, the paper gradually weakens and can lead to increased wear and tear especially along the creases. If a drawer is not available, a bookshelf makes an good place for you to store your map until you next need it.



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