There some pieces of safety equipment that are vital.

These emergency items can save literary lives when you find yourself in tricky place.

Those of you who have attended our workshops, read our posts or have listened to our podcast will already know that safety is of prime importance to Walk Fife. Experience has taught us that it is unwise not to prepare for the unexpected.

One of the key elements that you can find in all of our emergency kits is the simple foil blanket.

A foil blanket is perhaps one of the most flexible pieces of emergency equipment. It can be used to wrap around your body to reduce heat loss preventing or countering hypothermia, used as a bivi bag, employed in a make shift shelter to protect you from the elements and can even be used as an aid in signalling for help.

Interestingly a foil blanket has been proved to be effective in the treatment of people suffering from shock as they help the person to feel safe and secure and this in turn assists in calming the person helping bring them out of the potentially life threatening condition.

Lifesystems Thermal Blanket

There are lots of different kinds of foil blankets available to the walker, from the basic foil blanket you can find in inexpensive first aid kits through to large more rugged offerings provided by outdoor equipment manufacturers such as Lifesystems.

The Lifesystems Thermal Blanket is supplied vacuum sealed in a tough 55g pouch which has been designed to be easily torn open when you need to deploy it. The pouch is small and compact so it doesn’t take up too much space in your pack or jacket pocket. When deployed, the metallised polyester blanket unfolds to 210cm x 140cm which is sufficient for multiple uses in an emergency situation.

The outer face has been coloured bright orange which is ideal for location marking should you require the assistance of the emergency services in addition to this Lifesystems claim that the material is radar reflective which, if accurate, is an extra reason to carry one with you into the hills and mountains.

While there are many cheaper alternatives available which do the the same job, the Lifesystems Thermal Blanket is a well produced and packaged piece of safety equipment and is one that is always in the packs of the Walk Fife team.

Lifesystems Thermal Blanket

Overall Design - 9
Overall Effectiveness - 10
Value For Money - 10


Top Kit!

The Lifesystems Thermal Blanket is a well produced and packaged piece of safety equipment .


Material: Metallised polyester
Weight: 55g
Dimensions: 210cm x 140cm
Available from: Amazon

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