A good watch is a essential piece of kit while exploring the great outdoors.

Watches come in all shapes, sizes and prices and it can be difficult to chose the right one for you.

Those venturing in to the wilds have many requirements from the watch above and beyond just displaying the time and date. People need something that provides plenty of differs functions in just one device.

The Lomo SW1 Sports Watch

The SW1 Sports Watch from Glasgow-based outdoor equipment manufacturer Lomo could maybe the perfect fit for you.

Design & construction

The SW1 comes in three different colours – black, brown and green – and is well designed and made and is packed with useful features.

The generous and durable watch strap is made from a very soft and flexible plastic which is comfortable to wear and, unlike some mainstream brands, it does not tear the hair out of your wrist while wearing it. The strap is long enough to allow the watch to be worn over the top of your outer shell or over a wetsuit and is very secure.

The casing of the watch appears to be made from a well cast tough resin with the four adjustment buttons being mounted in easy to access points around the edge. The backing to the casing is stainless steel and free of anything to catch your skin or clothing.

The watch face is fairly large and is surrounded by a split stainless steel bezel (we will talk about this later) and the dot matrix LCD display is large and clear with the figures being displayed at a very readable size. The display is backlit (electroluminescence type illumination) and this provides good visual clarity at night.

The casing is water resistant and is rated down to approximately 10m (5 ATM) making it suitable for use while swimming, snorkeling, canoeing or even a very rainy day on the Scottish hills. The watch is powered by one CR2032 battery which are long lasting and are easily available should you need to replace it.

General functions

The watch has the normal functions you would expect from a modern sports plus a few more. The core functions include – time (12/24 hr) and date, stop watch, dual alarms and a countdown timer. These functions perform as expected and without any issue and are straight forward in operation. The other functions which are included are a pedometer and a heart rate display.


The pedometer measures your pace count and can be adjusted to match the measurement of your pace and the sensitivity can be tweaked to obtain the perfect setup. The watch even estimates your approximate calorie burn as you walk or run.

The data that the pedometer records is stored on the watch and can be easily recalled with a press of a button and the watch can store 50 days worth of records. I have found the pedometer to be very responsive and accurate when compared to other dedicated devices that I have used in the past. It provides a great way of monitoring your pace count especially if you are looking to reach the recommended 10,000 paces per day.

Heart rate display

The heart rate display is another nice feature of the watch and it will provide you with your current pulse rate. To activate this function all you have to do is to cycle through the menu to “Pulse” and then press your thumb and forefinger onto the metal bezel until the reading appears.

The readings are fairly accurate and, while the watch is not a replacement for a calibrated piece of medical equipment, it does give you a idea of your heart rate while out running, cycling or walking.


If you are looking for a good watch for your next adventure then the Lomo SW1 Sports Watch is a well designed piece of equipment with plenty of functions for the outdoors enthusiast and to top it all it only costs £25. Well worth the price tag.

Lomo SW1 Sports Watch

Overall Design - 8
Quality Of Construction - 9
Ease Of Use - 9
Value For Money - 10



Packs a mighty punch and well worth the price tag.


Colours: Black, Green, Brown
Battery: CR2032
Waterproof: 10m (5 ATM)
Backlight: EL
Available From: Lomo

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