Walk Fife Maintenance Corner

Welcome to Maintenance Corner!

This page will keep you up to date with developments with the routes shared through the Walk Fife website.

From time to time a route may be removed from the Walk Fife website due to issues outwith our control. Often these issues are due to problems regarding access to the route or environmental problems such as flooding etc. We will list these routes on this page alongside their current status.

If you find a problem with a route you can report it here.

Maintenance Updates

Route Name Date Status Issue(s)
Blythe’s Tower 11/05/17 Removed Access has been blocked by landowner.
Cullaloe Circular 04/08/17 Removed Access has been blocked by landowner in some places and no resolution can be reached.
Cathy’s Wildflower Wander 07/08/17 Revised & Online Alternate route available to avoid flooding.
Dumglow and Park Hill Circular  13/08/17 Temporarily Offline Quarry in area recently reopened for operations making access to the route unsafe. The route will be restored to the website after operations have ended.
Walton Hill Circular 06/01/19 Temporarily Offline Some sections of the route have been blocked by the landowner.  The route will be restored to the website after a resolution has been reached with the landowner or the route has been re-plotted.
Blairhall Circular 26/05/19 Temporarily Offline Due to the building of new homes within the village, the existing route has been blocked. A revised route is being plotted and will be updated soon.
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