• Author: Walk Fife
  • Created: August 22, 2018
Route type: Mid-distance Walk
Difficulty grade: Grade 2

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 9.50 km
  • Duration 2 h 23 min
  • AVG speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 17 m
  • Peak 64 m
  • Climb 86 m
  • Descent 86 m

The coastal town of Rosyth is surrounded by some great walking routes.

This 9.5km trail start in Rosyth and loops through the hamlet of Pattiesmuir and some lovely farmland and woods.

The route begins outside the Camden Community Centre. There are plenty of place to park and the bus service that passes the starting point is fairly regular. The Rosyth Halt train station is nearby for those travelling from further afield.

Leaving the centre head West along Primrose Lane for approximately 700m until the road ends at a road junction. Carefully cross the junction over to the farm road (Primrose Road) opposite. This point marks the change from housing estate to farmland.

Follow the road/track as it winds it way South and gently curves into the tiny hamlet of Pattiesmuir. The area surrounding this little hamlet is popular with metal dectorists. Pass through the hamlet and at the end of the road turn right towards the cemetery gates. To the left of the gates you will see a dirt track, follow that track up the hill and into the farmland proper. Watch your footing on this section as the tracks are uneven and can be very slippy in wet weather.

The track eventually leads you to a small wood. At this point take the track the curves to the left through the woodland (good point for a lunch break). Exiting the woodland turn left and follow the track out to the main road. Turn right and walk up the path for approximately 500m. Look for a wooden sign post marking a core path on the right hand side. At the point follow the track as it leads you through Wester Gellet Farm (this part of the route crosses paths with the new Fife Pilgrim Way).

At the farm turn right and then take the first track on the left which leads you along the edge of the woodland. Eventually you will meet up with the path you walked in on from century gates. Backtrack your route down to the cemetery gates and walk out to the main road (A985).

Carefully cross the road to the opposite side where you will find a path that will lead you East back towards Rosyth. At the second roundabout turn left and walk down the hill and turn into Camdean. Turn right and walk up Primrose Avenue until you reach the community centre and your finishing point.

This is an enjoyable trail to walk with friends, family and fellow Walk Fifers.

Route shared with Walk Fife by Katie.

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