• Author: Walk Fife
  • Created: September 21, 2017
  • Updated: September 22, 2017
Route type: Mid-distance Walk
Difficulty grade: Grade 3

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 8.36 km
  • Duration 2 h 5 min
  • AVG speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 0 m
  • Peak 0 m
  • Climb 0 m
  • Descent 0 m

The village of Carnock is a great starting point for many walking routes.

This looped walking route is another local routes that forms part of our wee exercise group’s regular outings.

The route begins at Carnock and Gowkhall Community Centre which is a ideal meeting point as it has toilets and a small car park.

There are stretches of the route that involves walking along the edge of a minor road so please be careful.

Walk Fife note: Please abide by the Highway Code for walkers - you can learn more by visiting http://www.ramblers.org.uk/advice/safety/highway-code-for-walkers.aspx

Leaving the centre turn left and follow the road past West Camps Farm. the road veers to the left and over a small bridge that crosses a old railway line that has been changed into a excellent path for walkers and cyclists. Carry on follow the road as it winds it’s way through the countryside and past Forrester Park Gold Course and in to Cairneyhill.

When you reach the end of the road you will meet the main road leading to Dunfermline turn left and walk a short distance and take the first turning on the left on to Hilton Road. This issue an access road for use by the few houses and a working farm so take care when walking along this part of the route as you can be surprised very quickly by vehicles driving out to the main road.

Carry on following the road until you reach the farm itself look for a track (OS Grid Reference NT 0595 8702) leading out towards the wood in the distance (Dean Plantation). This part of the walk can be very muddy and uneven so make sure you were suitable footwear. Follow the path across the first field and into the second field where you need to follow the field boundary until it meets with the edge of the woodland.

Entering the woodland follow the path alongside the burn through the wood. This part of the walk is particularly nice in the spring and summer months when full with blooming plants and bird song. again this path can be muddy so watch your footing. The path eventually meets up with a forestry commission access road on to which you turn left and follow for a short distance before turning into the wood following the well trodden trail. The trail will lead you towards the edge of the wood (OS Grid Reference NT 0494 8825) where you will leave the wood and walk along the edge of the field to meet up with the old railway line path I mentioned earlier.

Turn left on to the path and follow until you reach the railway bridge you crossed earlier. Pass under the bridge and on the left you will see path that will lead you up onto the bridge. You can then backtrack the route you walked earlier to eat you back to your starting point at the community centre.

Route shared with Walk Fife by Jean Evans.

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