• Author: Walk Fife
  • Created: August 4, 2017
Route type: Mid-distance Walk
Difficulty grade: Grade 3

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 11.39 km
  • Duration 2 h 50 min
  • AVG speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 0 m
  • Peak 0 m
  • Climb 0 m
  • Descent 0 m

The tiny village of Lindores sits on the banks of Lindores Loch and is a great place to walk.

This walking route takes the walker for a gentle 11km stroll around the surrounding countryside.

The route follows roads, paths and well established trails. There are some geocaches nearby for those on the hunt for treasure.

I advise that you bring both sun protection, insect repellent and a bug net as some sections are very exposed and some areas are home to plenty of flies and midges. Some parts can be very muddy and uneven so make sure you wear suitable footwear.

Walk Fife note: Please abide by the Highway Code for walkers - you can learn more by visiting http://www.ramblers.org.uk/advice/safety/highway-code-for-walkers.aspx

The route begins in the village. You are best reaching the village by bus as there are very few places to park a car without causing problems for the residents. The bus service is fairly regular from the nearby town of Newburgh where you can easily park your car and hop on the bus.

Leaving the village follow the road (B937) along the banks of the Loch for approximately 1km before turning left on to a farm track. The track is fairly easy walking and leads you past Dunbog Hill to your right and onwards to Dunbog Farm. Make sure you walk around the perimeter to the left of the farm buildings and not through the yard itself. After passing the farm follow the farm road out to the nearby main road.

Cross the road and head on to the farm road opposite. This road can be busy with farm traffic so make sure you stay alert while walking along this leg of the route. The road starts to work it’s way uphill and changes into a farm track. This is where it can get a little muddy underfoot. The slope is gentle and takes you over Higham Hill where you will begin to get some views over the Tay. Follow the main track as it heads gently down hill past Silver Hill and Park Hill and down to where the track meets the A913.

At this point you can turn right and head into Newburgh if you have parked you car in the town but I always like to close a loop when walking and as such the route continues back to Lindores

Turn left onto the road. The path running alongside the road is narrow in some places due to the verge being overgrown but it soon opens up and is better maintained and takes you into the village of Den of Lindores. As you enter the village the road splits and you will take the left hand fork. The path disappears and you will now be walking on the road so take great care especially in the ares where the grass verge is too narrow to step up onto.. Following the road takes you back to your starting point in the centre of the village.

Route shared with Walk Fife by Tom Cree

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