• Author: Walk Fife
  • Created: June 1, 2017
  • Updated: June 2, 2017
Route type: Long Distance
Difficulty grade: Grade 3

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 15.54 km
  • Duration 3 h 53 min
  • AVG speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 0 m
  • Peak 0 m
  • Climb 0 m
  • Descent 0 m

North West Fife offers some excellent long and challenging walking routes.

This circular walking route begins and ends in Newburgh and passes through the village of Abernethy and offers different types of walking throughout.

The route can begin at any point in Newburgh. There are many places for you to park your car (or chain up your bike) and the village can be reached by bus. As this is a long route I am not going to describe it each turn but instead I have decided to spilt it in to 4 legs.

I advise that you bring both sun protection, insect repellent and a bug net as some sections are very exposed and some areas are home to plenty of flies and midges. Some parts can be very muddy and uneven so make sure you wear suitable footwear.

Leg 1

Leaving Newburgh the route follows Abernethy Road (A913). This road has a rough path along it length but it is not well maintained so make sure you avoid the potholes hidden in the grass. The road takes you into the heart of Abernethy village where you can nip off the route and visit the Musuem of Abernethy (http://www.museumofabernethy.co.uk/) and historic round tower (http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/abernethy/roundtower/)

Leg 2

This second stage starts to get you into the beginnings of the Ochils Hills. The route leaves the village and heads up hill out in to Abernethy Glen where you follow the road. There is no path but the verges are sufficient enough to stand upon should traffic pass you.

Leg 3

The route then transitions into Sawmill Wood. This is area popular with cyclists so make sure you stay alert when walking this leg. This leg takes you up into the woodland that sits around the base of Tarduff Hill and follows a well trodden forest trail. The area is often busy with flies and midges as well as cyclist so make sure you apply some repellent before getting far in to the wood. The walking is fairly easy going. Eventually the route approaches Lochmill Loch where you can take break from walking before taking on the home leg.

Leg 4

Leaving the woodland trail the route heads back to Newburgh following Woodriffe Road. This road is a favourite for those who like to drive fast so make sure you keep to the edge of the road. The road winds down the hill back towards your starting point where you can  find a cafe or pub for a well earned rest.

I hope you enjoy this route and I will be sharing more routes with you all again in future.

Route shared with Walk Fife by Tom Cree.

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