A powerful torch is a useful resource for the walker.

Having the ability to illuminate your way or accustom yourself to your surrounding at night is important.

In 2017 we featured a review of the Light S1 Baton a compact and powerful torch that really packed a punch for it’s size (read our review – http://www.walkfife.com/olight-s1-baton-torch-review/).

Recently Olight UK reached out to us and offered to send us the new upgraded version to try out and see if it was a good upgrade when compared to the original.

Olight S1R Baton

The Olight S1R Baton is based upon the original torch and is very similar in term of appearance. The only outward appearance users will notice straight away is that the body is slightly longer. This extra length is the key to this upgrade.

The S1R Baton is rechargeable.This upgrade to the original is a major bonus to users who use the torch on a daily or on a regular basis.

The previous torch employed CR123A batteries or the externally rechargeable RCR123A batteries which, if using standard batteries, made the torch a little heavy on the pocket when using it regularly. The S1R Baton addresses this issue by integrating a recharger into it’s design.

USB charging is the avenue that Olight have chosen to use to recharge the S1R Baton and I imagine they are targeting the generation of users that are very familiar to using USB chargers to power their various different e-devices.

USB charging is becoming more common as more people adopt it as the norm but unfortunately it is still to be adopted by the majority of bunkhouses and hostels across Scotland without the users supplying a chunky plug-in interface prior to recharge although I believe this issue is being slowly addressed in the recent refit and upgrades to our fave walker hostels.

The torch features x9 modes all selectable through clicking the main power switch. The modes switch from low mode though to high mode, timer and strobe.

Each mode has their uses but as a walker and camper I have found the low modes to be more than sufficient in most circumstances.

Design / Function

The Olight S1R Baton follows most of the design features introduced in the original. The body is constructed of 6061-T6 aluminium alloy with anti-scratch hard anodising.

The side mounted power button has a low profile to help prevent accidental operation when in a pocket or backpack and also allows for the user to switch easily between modes.

The torch includes a well designed sprung pocket clip and lanyard hole for storage and use and also has a magnetic end cap for mounting the unit to magnetic surfaces. This magnetic feature is key to recharging the torch through USB.

The supplied USB charging lead is easy to attach and use and comes in a handy storage pouch. Charging is surprisingly fast especially compared to devices like cameras and smartphones.

The charge can power the torch at full tilt for approximately 2-50 mins depending on use. When on moon mode it can last up to 15 days running 24/7. Full details on model differences and power usage can be found on the Olight website.


I have used the original version of the Baton for many years while walking and camping across Scotland in some of the worst weather that mother nature could fling at me and found it to be a reliable pocket torch.

This updated version is a winner in my eyes. It has all the features of the original with the added bonus of being rechargeable. Top notch!

Review by Sean Makin

Full Disclosure: Olight supplied us with a product to be reviewed. We did not accept any payment in exchange to provide a review in return for this transaction.

Olight S1R Baton

Overall Design - 9
Overall Quality - 9.1
Effectiveness - 8.5
Value For Money - 8.5



The Olight S1R Baton is a excellent rechargeable pocket torch for the walker looking for flexibility.


Waterproof: IPX8
Lumins: 900
Weight: 30g

Length: 66mm
Head Diameter : 21mm
Led: Cree XM-L2 CW
Available From: Olight Store UK

Olight have 45% off for this item from 14-17th December 2018 based on the original price 49.95 GBP.

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