The threats to our environment are ever increasing.

We are all now aware that there is so much more we can do as a community to help to improve, maintain and protect our planet.

Since we started the Walk Fife website, our team have always made a point of informing those new to the walking community about the issues affecting us and the environment we all share.

Recently there have been a number of media led campaigns which have done an excellent job of informing us of the myriad of threats the oceans, countryside and the world’s wildlife are facing in these days of our “disposable” mindset. Two recent documentaries in particular struck a chord with our community and prompted us to take action – Drowning in Plastic and Fashion’s Dirty Secrets.

Closing the shop…

Walk Fife have run a online shop on our website for a short while. The shop sold Walk Fife branded merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs and other products through a external company. Sales of these products gave us a small amount of income to help maintain and grow the Walk Fife website and support some of the activities we provide to the Fife walking community.

Before Walk Fife decided to start a shop, we made sure that we would not be overly adding to the world’s environmental problems and through weeks of research we found a supplier who were making a minimum impact on the world around us.

The company who produced the merchandise on our behalf obtain their products from ethical and environmentally aware sources and they do take extra steps to reduce their carbon footprint through a considerate approach to their supply chain and distribution networks but after watching these documentaries and engaging with our community, we realised that we had to go further and close the shop.

Walk Fife do not want to be responsible for adding to the ever increasing and alarming problems our environment is currently faced with just for the sake of allowing people to purchase a t-shirt with our community’s logo on it.

Thank you for supporting us…

We would like to thank those of you who supported Walk Fife by purchasing something from our shop along with everyone in the Fife walking community who, through offering advice and sharing their opinions, have helped us come to reach our decision to close the shop and lessen our impact on our environment.

You can watch the both documentaries that made us take action on the BBC iPlayer.

Drowning in Plastic

Fashion’s Dirty Secrets

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