Caring for your feet while out walking is essential and there are many products out there that can help.

Stride Out Foot Oil promises to be such a product and, over the last two years, I have been testing it’s effectiveness while long distance walking.

My feet take some punishment and as such they are prone to serious blisters which I have treated with surgical spirits and strapping which isn’t something you can constantly do if you want to prevent your feet from becoming mangled.

Conditioning your feet before you head out on an adventure is a good way of preventing blister formation and I have tried many of the accepted methods over the years with mixed results. It wasn’t until I met up with a friend who serves in the Parachute Regiment that I found out about a mix of oils that seems to do the trick.

So what is Stride Out Foot Oil?

The oil was developed by a keen mountain walker who just so happened to be a SAS soldier as well. So here is a fella that will, without doubt, know a thing or two about foot care.

Over many years of trial and error, he gradually developed his special formula of natural oils. Using this combination he found that it helped to prevent blisters and conditioned his feet even under the most arduous operating conditions in the jungle, desert and in cold wet climates.

The oil has been developed to help condition your feet keeping them healthy and in doing so, when used daily, it has been found to help prevent blister formation. This is something I was initially sceptical about as I have seen many products claiming the same thing and often they failed to live up to their claim.

Daily foot care regime

I began a regime of using the oil once per day, normally first thing in the morning. I made sure to massage around a teaspoon full of oil into each foot and paying more attention to the main blister areas of each foot thoroughly. The oil has a pleasant smell which products like this often don’t. As soon as I had finished massaging the oil in I put on my socks straight away to prevent me sliding out of control through the house.

After about three weeks I noticed that the condition of my feet had improved and when walking the amount of blistering and sores had reduced slightly. When a sore did develop, I applied some oil to the area at the end of the day and it seems to make it less uncomfortable for the following day. I continued my daily regime and after six weeks of using the oil the condition of my feet had improved a lot from when I started using the oil and blisters were no longer forming.

So does Stride Out Foot Oil work?

Well yes it seems to have made a significant difference to the condition of my feet but I have to admit that I not sure if it is down to the oil itself or to me spending more time on their care. Either way it has made a difference. It is slightly expensive (approx £10.00 per 100ml) and there are only a few outlets from which it is available (I found it on Amazon) but I would be happy to recommend it to others who wish to avoid painful feet when walking.

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Happy walking!

Written by Sean Makin

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