Prior to it’s official opening, the  Queensferry Crossing – the new bridge that crosses the Firth of Forth, was opened for a supervised walk across this modern engineering marvel.

The Queensferry Crossing Experience allowed 50,000 people to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity to walk from one shore to the other.

Participants not only had the opportunity to take in this amazing structure but also could experience views over the world famous river that had until now been impossible without the ability to fly.

My wife Kelly and I were among other Walk Fife volunteers who were lucky enough to be allocated one of the much sought after places to walk across the bridge. Our time of departure from the Ferrytoll Park and Ride Travel Hub was 10.40am on Saturday and not wishing to add to the already building traffic we walked from our home to the hub.

Well organised

Upon arriving at the muster point we were both pleasantly surprised by how superbly well organised the event was and how quickly we both passed through the registration and security check point and on to one of the many buses ferrying people to the deck of the bridge.

When we disembarked the bus we were quickly on our way South over the Firth of Forth. The Queensferry Crossing Experience volunteers were terrific offering to help people take photos and giving assistance to to those who found the walk across a little too challenging.

Engineering on a massive scale

It is not until you stand beneath of the supporting towers that you realise how massive the crossing actually is and how well engineered it appears to be. At each tower the organisers has placed signs telling you interesting facts about the construction of the bridge which became points for people to stop and take selfies and group shots

The view

The views across the Forth of Forth were beautiful and many people were take snaps of the sights we were all treated to. Looking North back towards Fife we gained a new perspective of the shoreline which was only equaled when we neared the Southern shore where we experience the same. Truly stunning.

A fantastic and memorable day

The whole trip took a little over 2 hours from start to finish and was truly something I will remember fondly for years to come. We would like to thank the organisers of the Queensferry Crossing Experience for their incredible work in managing this event in such a slick and professional way.

You can see some more images and a 360 interactive photo of the Queensferry Crossing by visiting our Facebook Page.

Written by Sean Makin.

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