Many walkers will agree that a bothy is one of the most welcome sights when the weather turns bad while out on the hills and mountains of Scotland.

These little huts and cabins are scattered across the country providing shelter to many walkers and climbers.

The Scottish Bothy Bible which has been released by Wild Things Publishing is a guidebook that aims to help you find out more about each of these little gems.

Unlike many other guides the author of this title, Geoff Alan, has visited each of the locations contained within the book either by foot or bicycle and this is plainly apparent by his descriptions of each bothy.

Bothy etiquette

The guide is split up into easy to access sections beginning with the introduction to bothy life. The author explains the etiquette that has been adopted by the bothy user community. This is something I wish more people would abide by as there are few things worse than on a blowy rainy night stepping into a bothy that is to be your home for the night and discovering it has been left in a mess by the last occupants.

Hill safety is also addressed by the author and thanks to the style in which it has been written is very easy to understand making it ideal for novice walkers and those new to Scotland.

Top 5’s

While bothies are primarily to provide shelter for those on the move, they do offer a little getaway for many others. More and more people are heading for the hills with the sole purpose of staying in a bothy for the night. The author has created a number of top 5 lists including bothies ideal for those seeking wildlife, solitude, scenery and for those tackling the challenge of Munro Bagging. This is perfect for those looking for the ideal bothy for them.

The Bothies

The remainder of the book is in the form of a directory and lists the majority of the bothies that can be found across the country. Each bothy is well described along with a little background on the bothy and includes other helpful information such as it’s location (includes OS map references and routing), the size of the bothy, how many people it sleeps along with some other handy tidbits that will be of use to the walker.

The photography that accompanies each listing is stunning and really captures each bothy and it’s surrounding scenery with amazing clarity. Some shots are simply breath-taking and are sure to inspire walkers to make the trek to enjoy some of these fantastic locations in person.


Having spent many nights in bothies over the years I found this book to be a superb and enjoyable reference for walkers keen to make use of these truly valuable locations. Through his descriptions and the accompanying photography, the author really captures the feeling of each location perfectly.

Best of all 10% of the proceeds from the sales of the book go towards supporting the work of Mountain Bothy Association (MBA) who maintain and develop many of the locations featured in the book.

A must read for all walkers and lovers of the outdoors.

The Scottish Bothy Bible

Quality of Content - 10
Overall Design - 9.5
Value for Money - 10



A must read for all walkers and lovers of the outdoors.

Date Published: 2017
Format: 17.3 x 2.4 x 21.2 cm
ISBN: 978-1910636107
Cover Price: £16.99
Available From:

Wild Things Publishing


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  • Jill Mason

    Thanks for the fab review. I have just ordered myself a copy from Amazon and will be taking it with me on my travels to the highlands next month.

  • Jennifer

    Are there any bothies in Fife?

    • Walk Fife

      Hi Jennifer. Yes there are some bothies in Fife but they are not open to walkers like they are in the highlands. They are mainly used by gamekeepers and gardeners these days. Thanks for the comment.

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