When planning a walking route, timing is an important consideration.

It is sometimes difficult to estimate how much time a walk will be by simply looking at a map.

There are all sorts of formulas that can help you estimate timings but not everyone is mathematically minded.

Navigators Timing Card

Outdoor equipment supplier, Shaven Raspberry, have produced a handy reference card to assist you in carrying out such tasks.

The Navigators Timing Card is small plastic reference card that is the same size as a credit card and provides the user with tables that allows you to work out your approximate walking speed.

There is some advice to help you to estimate your walking speed uphill, downhill and across different types of terrain. The card’s creators have also included information to allow you to factor in the weight of your pack and the effect that a headwind will have on your speed.


The map case friendly Navigators Timing Card is an valuable source of information for walkers new to planning walking routes and is a great reference for those more experienced walkers who need the occasional prompt. A good addition to your navigation kit.

Shaven Raspberry Navigators Timing Card

Overall Design - 9
Ease of Use - 9
Value For Money - 10



A good addition to your navigation and planning kit.


Size: 85mm x 54mm
Material: Plastic
Available from: Shaven Raspberry

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