When heading out for a day’s walking it is important that your are prepared for what mother nature could throw at you.

Bringing sufficient personal safety equipment along with you can prevent your day from being ruined.

One of the core pieces of safety equipment we always recommend that walkers take with them is a either a torch or a headlamp. When weather conditions change or you find yourself walking in the dark, a source of illumination can really make a difference to your situation.

The Silva Siju Headlamp

The Silva Siju is a tiny headlamp produced by a company more known for it’s wide range of popular compasses and is something we thought we would test while camping and walking through Scotland over the past year.

Design & build

The body of the Siju is really small when compared to other headlamps and consists of two LED lights which sit each side of the main power button. The body is rated up to IPX6 which means it can survive limited exposure to splashing water, rainfall and dust.

The body is well made and features a hinged backplate which allows the lamp to be angled down when it is mounted on the supplied elasticated and adjustable head strap. The lamp body can be removed easily from the strap allowing it to be used independently for use in a tent for example.

The LEDs put out 16 lumens of light which is fairly low powered when compared to more mainstream headlamps. The power is drawn from two CR2032 batteries (which are supplied) and these provide enough energy to power the headlamp for up to 48h on the low beam and around 20 hours at full beam.

The headlamp has three settings which are access through click the power button to cycle through the modes. On full beam the headlamp can reach out to 15m with a reasonable spread. On low beam it is more suited for use within a tent or map reading and it won’t dazzle your friends. The headlamp also has a flashing setting for use in emergencies.

When not in use, the headlamp can be packed away in the integrated storage pouch which is a nice feature.

The Siju in use

The headlamp is quick to deploy, easy to use and the head strap is comfortable. The 16 lumen light source is a little under powered for use on long night walks but it is still usable for walking in clear weather conditions. It does struggle greatly to project enough light in rainy or snowy conditions which puts more pressure on the walker as they try to navigate the way ahead.

The length of time that the batteries last is genuinely impressive especially given that they are more commonly used in watches and remote controls and spares are again lightweight and easy to stow away in you kit should you need them.


The Siju isn’t a headlamp that you would use everyday or for heavy use. It is instead something you would perhaps have stowed in your backpack as part of your safety kit. The unit when packed away is lightweight and compact enough to be kept in your jacket or trouser pocket or even inside your first aid kit.

The Silva Siju Headlamp is a low cost unit that is best suited to being an emergency backup to your main headlamp or torch.

Silva Siju Headlamp

Overall Design - 7
Build Quality - 9
Overall Effectiveness - 5.5
Value for Money - 8



A useful and low-cost addition to your safety kit.


Weight: 35g
IPX Rating: IPX6
Lumens: 16 lumens
Power: x2 CR2032
Available From: Amazon

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