The Walk Fife team are often asked what health benefits regular walking provides so we have put together our top ten reasons.

1 – Walking provides gentle and low impact exercise that is available for free – no costly gym fees!

2 – Walking is good for your heart. Regular walking greatly reduces your risk of heart disease.

3 – Walking is a good form of cardio exercise and helps to prevent and control high blood pressure that can cause strokes.

4 – Walking helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and other diseases such as colon and breast cancer.

5 – Walking increases your energy by boosting your circulation and increasing the oxygen supply to every cell in your body. A lunch time walk is ideal way to get an afternoon energy boost instead of munching on choccy biscuits.

6 – Walking gets you outside and boosts vitamin D intake which benefits your immune system.

7 – Walking helps you lose and control your weight. By making regular walking part of your daily routine you will quickly start to lose weight.

8 – Walking exercises several different sets of muscles as you move making it great for toning up your legs, tums and bum!

9 – Walking can help prevent dementia. Studies show that regular walking can fight off dementia in older people especially.

10 – Walking benefits your mental health. Walking reduces stress and anxiety in most people. Studies have shown that regular walking is just as effective as medication in mild cases of depression as your body releases. An active walker is a happy walker.

If you have some top walking tips you can share them with us in the comments box below.

Happy Walking!

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  • Jill

    Don’t forget that walking is also a great way of socialising and getting fit at the same time. Loving the website x

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