When you are exploring Fife on foot it is important to wear the correct footwear.

The Walk Fife team has put together their top tips to help you choose well.

The first thing you must decide is whether you should wear walking boots or shoes. As a rule of thumb, unless you intend on walking through rocky and uneven areas, really muddy fields or snow then a good pair of walking shoes are often thought to be be better than walking boots.

A well designed pair of walking shoes allow for a more natural foot movement  than boots do and as such allow for a faster and more fluid walking pace.

Walk Fife’s top five tips for choosing the correct walking shoe

1 – Buy your shoes from a recognised outdoor sports shop and somewhere with a measuring service so that you buy the correct size.

2 –  Look for shoes that are are lightweight, breathable with a well-cushioned heel area. The mid sole should not be stiff but flexible enough to allow a natural rolling action to the step.

3 – Try your shoes on with the socks you will wear while walking. We recommend that you invest in a good pair of walking socks as these will reduce the risk of blisters forming and also make your shoes more comfortable.

4 – Walk around the shop with the shoes on prior to buying them to make sure the fit and style are suited to you. Some outdoors stores have artificial paths and treadmills to allow customers to try their shoes thoroughly before buying.

5 – If you a bit more adventurous with your walking then you may need to invest in a pair of waterproof shoes. Look for a shoe that is both waterproof and breathable using materials such as Goretex or eVent.

The more attention you pay to choosing the correct walking shoes the better you walking experience will be. We hope that these top tops will help you explore Fife in comfort.

Happy walking!

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  • Susie

    Thanks for clearing up the choice between boots and shoes. Very helpful

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