Protecting yourself from insect bites while walking is a must when out walking.

There are few things worse than being bitten by a swarm of midges but help is at hand.

We have reviewed a number of insect repellents on the Walk Fife website but while these substances are effective in preventing bites they don’t stop the bugs from having a look at dinner and that is where a head net is a good idea.

Trespass Midge / Mosquito Head Net

Trespass has a long history of producing affordable and effective equipment for use in the outdoors and this particular head net is an example of that.

The net has been made from light weight ultra fine black mesh which is soft to the touch and won’t irritate your skin when it is worn. The closed top of the net has a polyester disc to shape the net and the open end of the net has a nylon cord with a slide fastener to close the net up around your neck to stop midges and flies from getting in.

The net is most effective when used when wearing a hat with a brim all round (I use a ex-British Army bush hat) as it holds the net away from your face and neck stopping it from being too intrusive. You can also use a base ball cap although it does not hold the net away from the back of your head.

The net is supplied with it’s own storage bag which keeps it clean and dry when not in use. The bag has a velcro loop for attachment to a rucksack strap or belt if you choose to store it close at hand.

The production quality of the net and the bag is good with no visible snags or tears and the stitching is secure throughout.

Is it effective?

I have tested the net in many different situations where flies and midges especially were a problem and found it to be very effective.

The mesh is small enough to prevent insects from entering the inside of the net while at the same time not obscuring your vision too much. The fact that the mesh is soft to the touch is bonus as it does not get too annoying wearing it unlike some other nets I have owned and used over the years.

Well designed and well made.

Trespass Midge / Mosquito Head Net

Ease of Use - 90%
Overall Effectiveness - 90%
Value for Money - 90%



Well designed and well made.


Colour: Black
Weight: 40g
Size: One Size
Available From: Amazon

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