Walk Fife – One Year of Walking, Learning and Sharing!

Walk Fife is celebrating it’s first anniversary today!

The Walk Fife website launched to the public in September 2016 and it has been an amazing 12 months.

When we first came up for the idea of Walk Fife we didn’t really know how well it would be received. I personally thought that perhaps a handful of people would find it useful and it would sit quietly on the web waiting for the occasional person to stumble upon it but, much to our joy, I was quickly found to be wrong. The Fife Walking Community quickly found Walk Fife and hopped on board with us and the website has grown and grown ever since.

A community for walkers by walkers

Every day people are downloading and sharing walking routes, giving advice freely to others and coming together as a open and friendly community where walkers of all abilities are welcome. It is truly awe-inspiring to see how much Walk Fife has developed in such a little space of time.

One year of walking, learning and sharing!

This first year has been an amazing experience for all of us who work behind the scenes of Walk Fife. We have made many new friends, learnt lots about Fife and discovered many wonderful places throughout the Kingdom. We are sure that the coming years will be as successful and enjoyable as this first year has been.

Thank you!

You all have made Walk Fife what it is today and we would like to thank everyone on this our first birthday for all of your support, kindness and the amazing amount of time you have given to make Walk Fife blossom into a truly wonderful community driven website.

Happy Walking!

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