Catch up with Walk Fife’s Sean in episode 26 of the Walk Fife Podcast.

The Kingdom of Fife is busy with walkers exploring the coast and countryside on foot.

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Sean starts the podcast by talking about the latest developments with the Walk Fife website and talks about what the coming changes and improvements. Sean also reveals the team’s plans for producing some videos to help encourage others to get out and enjoy the many walking routes that have been shared by the Fife walking community.

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Social walking

In the last episode of the podcast Sean mentioned that we were looking to improve our presence on the various social networks. After hearing that we had many people from the community reach out to us and volunteer their time and knowledge to help us to expand out reach online and engage with more of the Fife walking community.

Competition reminder

We have super bundle consisting of a Suunto A30 compass and three OS Explorer maps covering the entire region of Fife in perfect detail for the walker exploring the Kingdom on foot. Sean shares the question the correct answer to which may win you this great prize for those exploring Fife. What is the name of the path the links Lochore Meadows with Loch Leven? The closing date for entries is May 21st 2018.

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