Walk Fife is celebrating turning 2 years old in this episode of the Walk Fife Podcast!

We have lots of news from across the Fife walking community and beyond.

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Two Years of Walking, Learning and Sharing!

It is astounding to think that Walk Fife has already reached it’s 2nd birthday already. The Walk Fife website launched to the public in September 2016 with just a few pages with a handful of visitors and since then it has grown into a huge community of walkers all working together to build and develop Walk Fife into something truly amazing.

More Free Workshops Announced

After the huge success of our recent Nordic Walking event, Sean lets us know about the free walking workshops that will be taking place over the next 3 months. There are also changes ahead for some of our more popular workshops and Sean shares what we have in store.

Doug Scott

UK charity, Community Action Nepal (CAN), will be hosting a talk by mountaineer Doug Scott CBE on 26th November at the Vine Conference Centre in Dunfermline to help raise funds to help support the mountain people of Nepal. This talk will cover the expedition to climb The Ogre a story which has since entered mountaineering folklore as one of the most dramatic stories of hard climbing, team work and survival against all odds.

Competition Winners Announced

The winner of a pair of Leki Carbonlite Trekking Poles was Louise Davis and our three runners up were Steven Gaudry, Eddie Hall and Mike Hastings. We will have a new competition coming online soon.

Plastic Shores

The ongoing problem of plastic pollution in the oceans surrounding the UK has been highlighted in a new interactive map produced by SCRAPbook. The map allows people to document the ever increasing problem of plastic waste being washed ashore. Sean talks little about what the Walk Fife team has seen on their travels along the coast.

Listener Questions

The topics for the questions in this episode cover a trail from 1951, the island of Fife and GPS safety when using apps and online services.

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Advice on GPS & Fitness Trackers – https://goo.gl/DbvdeA
Doug Scott Talk – https://www.canepal.org.uk/2018-lectures/2018/11/26/dunfermline-a-crawl-down-the-ogre
Walk Fife Stickers – http://www.walkfife.com/freebies/
SCRAPbook Map – https://www.scrapbook.org.uk/map/

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