In this episode of the Walk Fife Podcast Sean is tucked up warm at home.

The weather isn’t podcast friendly and Sean has a cold so this week he is accompanied by a mug of Lemsip.

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Fife Earth Park

To kick things off Sean answers some questions that have been sent in by listeners. The first question comes from Lucy who asks if there are any walking routes that the team would like to have on the website but just can’t. Sean talk about the abandoned Fife Earth Park site near Kelty. He explains the history behind the site and why it can’t be added to the Walk Fife website despite it being an interesting place to explore.

Litter problems

Over the summer months John noticed that there seemed to a rise in littering across Fife and he asks what we can do as walkers to help prevent it. Sean talks about our recent visit to a local project to clean up litter and how the decline in public litter and waste bins may be to blame. Sean asks for some suggestions from listeners which could help Walk Fife to inform and educate others about the litter problem across the Kingdom.

Picking kit

Rachel asks for some advice on buying daypack and how much she should be looking to spend to get one suitable to use while walking the Fife Coastal Path. Sean has a lot walking experience and shares some top tips on what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for a good daypack.

Walk Fife developments

There have been a few new developments on the Walk Fife website and Sean explains what they are and how you can assist. The latest addition is our What’s On Guide page where we will be featuring different events across Fife and Scotland that will be of interest to our community of walkers.

Before his voice gives out and he runs off for a Lemsip refill, Sean reminds us to take some extra safety measures when venturing out for walk this autumn and he also reminds us about the competition running on the Walk Fife website to win a Berghaus Arrow 30 Backpack.

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If you have any suggestions for future episodes of the Walk Fife podcast then please get in touch with us through our website or you can even drop us a line through Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for listening!

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  • Karen

    While I agree the Fife Earth Park is an interesting place to explore but I sadly know that it is full of hidden dangers. I unfortunately injured my ankle last year when walking up the spiral mound. The surface of the spiraling path way gave way and my foot fell through into a void underneath fracturing my ankle in two places. Fortunately I was with friends who helped back to their car and took me to A&E. I imagine the longer it lays dormant the more unstable and dangerous the land will become. Best to avoid the area while it is in this state.

    • Walk Fife

      Sorry to hear about your accident and I hope you are walking fit yet again. We agree with you – best avoiding the area for the time being.

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