In this episode of the Walk Fife Podcast you join Sean as he takes shelter from a spell of heavy rain and strong winds.

The Autumn weather is making itself know across the Kingdom and it has been a blustery time for walkers.

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As Sean sits out the bad weather he brings us up to date on what has been happening with Walk Fife and the community.

Walking Workshops

To kick things off for this episode Sean talks about the Walk Fife Workshops. This a new community driven project and the workshops aim to introduce some core skills to those new to walking routes and trail.

We will be running workshops across the county covering topics such as map reading, learning to use a compass, using a GPS, safety for the walker, planning a route, digital mapping and many more. You can learn more by visiting –

The Fife walking community comes together…

We have recently had some new posters and leaflets printed to help promote Walk Fife across the county and beyond. Sean explains that the funding to allow this to happen has all been thanks to the money raised so far by our fund raising campaign. You can learn more about the campaign by visiting –

Choosing a good compass

Listener Rory has contacted Walk Fife to ask what he should be looking for when buying a compass after he bough a very poorly constructed one from high street outdoors store. Sean talks us through his check list when buying a compass and why it is important to be careful when considering a cheap compass instead especially as these are one on the most important pieces of equipment that a walker should own.

Accessible coastline…

Mary has recently moved into Fife and would like to be able to take her little one on a walk in a pram. Sean suggest some areas that he and is family have walked when his kids were little If you have a suggestion about where Mary can visit easily along the coast please drop us a line – – and we will pass it on to Mary.

Get in touch

If you have any suggestions for future episodes of the Walk Fife podcast then please get in touch with us through our website or you can even drop us a line through Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for listening!

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