We are heading out on a mini adventure in this episode of the Walk Fife Podcast.

Join Walk Fife’s Sean as he sets out to find one of the many geocaches that are hidden across Fife.

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Geocaching is a great way to get active and get out exploring the world around you and is easily accessible to people of all ages, ability and fitness.


It can be best described as a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. To find a geocache you need to have a  handheld GPS device or a GPS enabled device such as a smart phone using a geocaching app. You can download free apps for Android and Apple devices.

Sean takes us through the process of finding a geocache and logging it online using the free smartphone. As he searches out the cache he explains the different kinds of geocaches that out out there to be found and shares some of his experiences. The Walk Fife team are big fans of geocaching especially as there are hundreds to be found in the Fife region.

Website updates

As he navigates his way to the hidden treasure, Sean explains some of the updates and improvements that have been made to the Walk Fife website. Revisions include the recent update to the routes section allowing users to embed walking routes in their own websites. There will be more improvements coming online line soon.

The Walk Fife Workshops

After the huge success of the first workshop, we have been working on developing the format and panning future workshops thanks to Gary Wilson and his team of volunteers. Sean explains how people will be able to register an interest in a place and how places will be assigned to these free workshops.

Win a Garmin GPS!

Sean reminds listeners about the latest competition on the Walk Fife website. The prize this time is a Garmin eTrex Touch 25 GPS device and all you have to do is answer the question on the website. The closing date for entries is December 8th 2017.

Get in touch

If you have any suggestions for future episodes of the Walk Fife podcast then please get in touch with us through our website or you can even drop us a line through Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for listening!

Show Links

Geocaching Website – https://www.geocaching.com
Geocaching in Fife – https://goo.gl/6RgbcB
iPhone Geocaching App – https://goo.gl/Ni3Vu5
Android Geocaching App – https://goo.gl/er37Kf
Walk Fife Competition – http://www.walkfife.com/win/
Walk Fife Crowdfunding Campaign – http://www.walkfife.com/donate/

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  • John Adams

    We really enjoy both walking and geocaching so this episode was a good one for us. It would be good to log some of Walk Fife’s caches! Looking forward to the next podcast. Best wishes, John

    • Walk Fife

      Thanks John. Stay tuned to the podcast for news of the Walk Fife geocache trail.

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