Sean is back with the first Walk Fife Podcast of 2018.

The team are back and refreshed after the holiday and Sean updates us on what has been happening since the last episode.

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The Walk Fife website has been really popular over the holiday period with hundreds of routes being downloaded and walked. Sean kicks things off talking about the latest improvements to the website.

Website Improvements

The team have been tweaking the website after receiving feedback from the Fife Walking Community. The first thing that has been revised is the equipment review section. We have now added a filter allowing users to choose the reviews they are most interested in reading. The functions behind the mapping element of the website has also been improved to make it easier for android users to access walking routes.

The safety advice page has also been updated with some more safety tips being added to the list. These additions were suggested by users of the website keen to makes sure everyone can enjoy the outdoors safely. We have also revamped the “Meet the team” page to allow you to meet the core team of volunteers behind Walk Fife.

Sharing Walking Routes

Sharing a walking route through Walk Fife is easy but there are a few things we would like to see from a submitted route. Sean runs us through some of the things we would like to people to include in their descriptions and how a photo can really make the difference.

Sean’s 4000 Mile Walking Challenge

Sean recently set himself a challenge to walk 4000 miles in 2018 and he explains why he is attempting this and what rules he is going to follow throughout the challenge. Sean is no stranger to walking long distances and in 2016 walked over 3500 miles in a similar adventure. Taking on your own walking challenge is a good way of not only improving your overall well-being but it really does change your view of what is possible. You don’t have to opt for a huge number of miles you could start off with a goal of 10, 50 or 100 miles. The number of miles doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you are getting out there and working towards a goal that you once thought wouldn’t be possible.

Walking Questions

We have been sent several questions this week and they cover topics such as recording and sharing routes using a GPS watch, routes for dog walkers, sharing reviews of equipment and why distances in the UK can be confusing. If you would like to ask us a question or you would like to appear on the podcast please email us at

New Walk Fife Top – The Crepe Shack

The Crepe Shack is a firm favourite of walkers exploring the Fife Coastal Path and can be found in the beautiful Tentsmuir Forest. The shack provides tasty treats to visitors. Sean talks about the award and how you can nominate a Top Stop.

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