It may be rainy in the Kingdom this week but that hasn’t stopped us from recording episode 25 of the Walk Fife Podcast.

Fife is finally blooming into life and colour and once again the paths and trails are busy with walkers.

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Join Sean as he updates everyone on the latest news from Walk Fife, answers questions and shares news of upcoming events and talks.

GPS workshop

The response from the Fife Walking Community to our latest free workshop has been incredible. We received nearly 900 requests for a place on our Beginners guide to using a GPS device workshop. We were completely taken aback by the huge number of emails and messages that we also received asking if we could run this workshop a few more times this year.

A flying visit

Sean was recently was surprised by a bird of prey having it breakfast in his garden. This visitor to the garden has taken up residence in the local area and has been a visitor to his garden over the past month. Not being to well versed in birds, Sean took to twitter and Facebook to ask for help identifying the bird.

Listener questions

Sean answers some of the questions sent in by listeners. Topics for this episode include nordic walking, when to replace your walking shoes and should you use isles in your walking boots.

Getting social

The Walk Fife team are very active online but sometimes we aren’t quite up to speed with some aspects of the numerous social networks. Sean explains why we have ben slow to reply to messages sent to us through instagram and google+. If you would like to chat with the team online then twitter and Facebook are the best options if you would like a fast reply.

What’s on in Fife?

There is a lot of events , talks and exhibitions taking place in the Kingdom of Fife over the coming months and Sean shares some of the ones that may be of interest to the Fife Walking Community.

Competition reminder

We have super bundle consisting of a Suunto A30 compass and three OS Explorer maps covering the entire region of Fife in perfect detail for the walker exploring the Kingdom on foot. Sean shares the question the correct answer to which may win you this great prize for those exploring Fife. What is the name of the path the links Lochore Meadows with Loch Leven? The closing date for entries is May 21st 2018.

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