Blairadam Forest is the location for Episode 8 of the Walk Fife Podcast.

Join Sean as he explores a trail leading through the forest and the surrounding farmland.

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Sean kicks things off by thanking the very kind people who recently made donations to our fund raising campaign. This means we can improve our audio equipment to allow us to improve the quality of each episode and it will also give us a little more flexibility.

Our new “Wheelchair Friendly” category has been made live on the Walk Fife website and Sean explains what we are doing behind the scenes to add to this new addition.

Questions on the move….

As the rain moves across the woodland, Sean takes some time to answer some questions sent in by listeners of the podcast.

Rachel has a favourite route that she has walked many times that was considering sharing through Walk Fife but it does involve climbing over barbed wire fences at one point. She asks if she still submit to the website. Sean talks about why a route with obstacles like barbed wire are not suitable for sharing through the website and what steps can be taken to avoid issues with plotting routes with obstacles.

Susan and her husband really enjoy walking no that they are retired but would like to make it a bit more of a social pastime and she asks what the best way is to find a local walking club. Sean points Susan to the links page on the website where we have listed some Fife based clubs and also suggest that she take a look at the Ramblers Association who have a lively social element in their membership.

Davey is trying to encourage his kids to go out walking but it is proving to be a challenge and asks if we have any tips on encouraging them. Sean shares his experience with getting his kids engaged with the outdoors through geocaching.

Walking interview

Sean recently caught up with Stephen Ripley who many will know from the routes he has shared through the Walk Fife website. They take a break while out walking a route to talk about why Stephen shared his routes and what areas of Fife really stand out for him for walking. They also talk about where he is headed next on his exploration of Fife.

Sound of nature

A number of listeners have got in touch with us to ask if we could include some more of the natural sounds that we capture when recording each podcast. Get your headphones on and sit back and enjoy the sounds of Blairadam Forest.

If you would like to ask us a question or you would like to appear on the podcast please email us at

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  • Jenny Pearson

    Really enjoyable podcast. It was good to hear from someone whose routes I have walked and enjoyed. Looking forward to the next show. Thanks

    • Walk Fife

      Glad to hear you like the podcast Jenny. Thanks for the comment.

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