Keeping yourself fed while out walking the countryside, hills and mountains of Scotland is essential.

Like any activity, walking burns energy and keeping your body provided with that energy is important.

When, as a youngster, I headed off to the hills for a weekend camping trip, I used to throw tins of beans, soup or some other kind of tinned food in my pack and off I would go. As I became more accustomed to walking and camping I realised that every gram that I put in my pack meant burning more energy carrying it.

I began to look for better solutions in the form of fresh food prepared at home. I found that by preparing my own food my pack weighed less and my camping trips were more enjoyable thanks to better tasting and healthy meals. Not everyone has the ability to rustle up their own tasty ready to go meals and this is where off-the-shelf solutions come into play.

Outdoor Ready Meals

There are numerous manufacturers producing ready meals for the outdoors community and I am sure that many of you have seen these in your local camping store or favourite outdoors website and wondered if they are actually any good and that is why the Walk Fife team have decided to run a series of reviews covering them to let you know what they are actually like.

We will be each be reviewing different meals while out on our adventures and we will give you an honest opinion of what we think of each.

Wayfarer – Vegetable Curry & Rice

Wayfarer have been producing their popular ready-to-eat meals for the walking and climbing communities for many year

For this review I chose their “Vegetable Curry & Rice” which includes a good mix of vegetables in a tasty curry sauce and of course plenty of rice. Each of Wayfarers meals have a high energy count and this one is not exception and comes in at 429kcal per pack which should give you enough fuel for a day’s walking.

Each meal is supplied in a tough foil package and they have a long shelf life and do not need to be refrigerated for storage.


These ready meals are produced to be eaten either hot or cold but in my experience they taste much better eaten after heating. Warming them top is fairly simply just empty the content into a suitable pot and heat on your stove or you can place the unopened foil pouch into boiling water for 7-8 minutes then carefully open and tuck in.

Both cooking methods produce the same results but the boil-in-the-bag option means that you don’t have to clean up your pot afterwards which is ideal if water is scarce at your campsite leaving your pot ready for brewing up a cuppa.

Appearance, Smell and Taste

The meal looks good on the plate and is as you would expect a vegetable curry to look like and it smells great and inviting.

In terms of taste, the curry is full of flavour. The curry sauce isn’t overly spicy but still gives you the taste sensation that you would expect. The rice has been well cooked and there is plenty of it mixed through the curry.

The vegetables have a good bite to them and they retain quite a bit of their own flavour which is something that many camping meals I have tried over the years have to failed to do.

The taste, texture and smell of food is good morale raiser when out on the hills especially in the colder months when you may be cold and wet. A good meal can make the difference between having a good day or a bad day when out exploring.


Wayfarer have produced a very nice meal that I think will go down well with most people. I am not sure that this would be one I would attempt to eat cold unless I really had to as you would loose a lot of  the flavour that heating it up brings. The meal is packed with energy, is very tasty and is available for a very reasonable price.

Wayfarer - Vegetable Curry & Rice

Packaging - 9
Ease of Use - 9
Taste, Smell & Taste - 9
Value For Money - 9



The meal is packed with energy, is very tasty and is available for a very reasonable price.


Weight: 300g
429kJ /102kcal
Protein :
Available from:

Base Camp Foods

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