This week of my walking challenge had some superb walking.

I explored some trails suggested to me by users of the Walk Fife website and I had a fantastic time.

The walking routes included some short trails alongside a few epic treks ideal for enjoying the magnificent sunny weather we were treated to this week.

One trail that particularly stood out among the many I walked was one shared with Walk Fife by Leah Wilson. This 22km long route takes the walker from the historic village of Falkland through beautiful countryside to the charming village of Ceres.

Week 21 of Sean’s 4000 Mile Walking Challenge - Fife Walking
This 22km route links the two villages of Falkland and Ceres. Copyright Ordnance Survey 2018.

When it was initially suggested that I walk this trail I didn’t really think that it would offer much in the way of scenery as the area is quite intensively farmed but I was soon proved to be wrong. From beginning to end, the paths, trials and villages offered plenty to see as I walked through the countryside.

Friendly Fifer’s

It was surprising how busy the pathways that make up this route were and I chatted to many walkers that met along the way. People tend to be a lot more open and friendly when out walking in the countryside.

If you say hello to someone as you pass them in a town or city, you are often ignored or looked upon as being slightly odd but in the countryside and hills people find it strange if you don’t acknowledge each other. I enjoy that aspect of walking.

The miles quickly disappeared and I soon found myself in the village of Ceres. I made a beeline to the cafe situated in the Fife Folk Museum for refreshing cuppa before hopping on a bus back to Falkland.

Being a linear route, the return to the starting point has to be by the local bus service which I have to admit was more tiring than the walking!

You can find out more this enjoyable long distance walking route and download the route’s GPX file by visiting –

Week 21 lessons

I think the one thing I would take away from this week is the friendliness of the people of Fife. I have walked across most areas of the UK and Fife has time and time again proven itself to be one of the warmest.

Walking on…

I am looking forward to week 22 of my challenge as I will once again by accompanied by some fellow Walk Fifers as I explore some of the Kingdom’s many nature reserves.

If you have any questions about this challenge or anything Walk Fife related, then please drop me a email at or direct message me through my twitter account @SDMakin.

Catch up with you again next week.

Happy Walking!

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