Week 23 of my walking challenge has seen some unexpected distance walking.

My plans for this week had to be changed as my day job got in the way once again.

I have written before about managing a challenge like this in this blog but despite my meticulous planning there is occasionally a spanner thrown into the works so I reworked my schedule and I managed to head out to once again take advantage of the the good weather.

Kinross to Falkland route?

Over the years I have always wondered to myself if there was a route to be enjoyed between the villages of Kinross and Falkland. I mentioned this musing to my friend Duncan a few weeks back and he mentioned that there was route which, while seldom walked in it’s full, is one that is popular with walkers in that area.

Seeking a route…

A few days later we sat down together, logged into OS Maps online and started to look for a route that would join up the two villages that would be enjoyable to walk and would give me a opportunity make up the miles I missed out on this week.

After a short while we settled upon a 20km route beginning in Kinross on the shores of Loch Leven that headed alongside the Northern edge of the loch, up and over the Lomond Hills before reaching an end in the centre of Falkland. You can view and download this route from – https://osmaps.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/route/2196564/Kinross-to-Falkland-Walk-Fife

Walking the walk…

The day we chose to walk the route began under low lying grey clouds and we thought rain would soon make itself known but after a few miles the clouds began to blow by and we were treated to a clear sky above. Unfortunately with the change of conditions a multitude of different flying insects took the trail as well.

We were soon spraying repellent all over ourselves and eventually had to break out the midge nets when the number of loch side critters got to a level where we couldn’t see the path ahead. So if you decide to walk this route make sure you are prepared.

We quickly reached a point in the route that took us away from the loch towards Wester Balgeddie and onwards to the base of Bishop Hill. We decided to stop at Loch Leven Larder for a cuppa and a scone where thankfully the flies were few and we refreshed ourselves ready for the next stage.

Getting steep…

We left the larder and headed through Wester Balgeddie and into Easter Balgeddie (take care on the road between these two villages) where we turned left and into the farmland around the base of the hill. We cut through a few fields and eventually met up with a farm track that zig zagged it’s way up Bishop Hill. The zig zag pattern of the track reduced the effort in walking up the hill as the route increased in steepness quite quickly over a short distance.

Gentle pace…

Reaching the top offered some rewarding views down over Loch Leven and further beyond. The route from that point was much easier going with a gentle breeze deterring flies as we headed across the hill down towards Glen Vale following some well established trails and then onwards to following the road as it wound it’s way down to the village of Falkland where we treated ourselves to a few well deserved lemonades in The Bruce Inn.

Week 23 lessons

This week I think I realised that there are so many walking routes out there connecting up the small villages and towns and they each have something to offer to the walker. I will be seeking out more of these throughout my challenge and letting you know what I find as I walk.

Walking on…

I am looking forward to week 24 of my challenge but it will again be dictated by work but I am planning to get out and visit some of the many events taking place up and down the Fife coastline.

If you have any questions about this challenge or anything Walk Fife related, then please drop me a email at sean@walkfife.com or direct message me through my twitter account @SDMakin.

Catch up with you again next week.

Happy Walking!

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