The Kingdom of Fife was once again rocked by bad weather in this week of my challenge.

Storm Hector blasted Fife with strong winds accompanied by blustery showers.

Despite the unsettled weather I managed to keep up my walking schedule and actually gained some miles that I lost last week thanks to my day job.

Walking in bad weather brings with it some risk especially on higher ground such as the hills and along the coast so I made sure that I avoided areas of potential danger while the winds blew.

Vulnerable areas to avoid

High winds and gusts can easily whisk you off your feet and cause injury. The areas to take particular care walking over include mountain summits, hill tops, ridges, cliff tops and shoreline paths. Woods, forest and exposed tree lines are also best avoided due the possibility of falling branches or, even worse, collapsing trees.

Thankfully I spent most of time during the stormy days walking across low lying ground but I did wander down to the coast to watch the waves crashing across the Firth of Forth. I was surprised on how strong the wind was rocketing down the estuary and I admit I did almost loose my footing a number of times which is only something I have previously experienced on mountain tops in the Highlands.

Improving conditions

As the week progressed the weather conditions improved and Walk Fifers across the region got out and about again assessing the impact of the storm on the paths and trails that we all walk.

It was genuinely surprising that the damage wasn’t as bad as initially expected. This is possibly due to the snow storms earlier this year had caused the removal of many trees and structures that were at risk of storms damage leaving a fairly healthy landscape this time around which could bear the brunt of Hector leading to less damage.

New boots

Towards the end of the week I was treated to a new pair of Salomon walking boots. I have written before in this blog about the importance of keeping your footwear in good order and why it is important to replace worn boots or shoes as soon as possible to prevent injury. I spent a few days breaking these boots in along the Fife Coastal Path and the Loch Leven Heritage Trail in readiness for the coming week when I head North for a few days of tough walking.

Week 24 lessons

I think over my many years of walking I have perhaps become complacent when venturing out in foul weather but after being almost caught out by the wind, this week really taught me to pay more attention to the weather when walking across exposed ground.

Walking on…

Week 25 will see me head into the mountains for a few days of walking a few trails I have yet to experience and I am really looking forward to seeing where they will take me.

If you have any questions about this challenge or anything Walk Fife related, then please drop me a email at or direct message me through my twitter account @SDMakin.

Catch up with you again next week.

Happy Walking!

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Week 25 of Sean’s 4000 Mile Walking Challenge - Walk Fife