Who knew Fife could get so warm!

The weather for week 25 of my walking challenge was the complete opposite to last week when I was battered by the high winds.

While the sun blazed over the Kingdom I headed out and wandered some of the woodland and hills trails that have been shared through the Walk Fife website by readers like you.

Walking in hot weather brings with it some hazards that you must be prepared for when exploring the region.


It is important to protect yourself from the harmful effects that come from too much exposure to the sun. To protect myself I firstly make sure I cover myself with a high factor sunscreen before venturing out. I make sure to pack the sunscreen in my pack so I can reapply it as I go. Sunburn is something I can happily do without as it makes everything miserable as does skin cancer.

To back up the sunscreen I make sure that I wear appropriate clothing to give me some further protection. I tend to favour lightweight long-sleeved shirts and full length walking trousers. I avoid wearing shorts when walking as I am a magnet for nettles, thistles, thorns and ticks which again are things I rather avoid while out enjoying a walk.


Many people who have met me through various Walk Fife meet-ups will already know, I am a very keen hat wearer and in all seasons and no matter the conditions. The reason for this is simple – I have very little hair on my noggin to protect me from the elements and, as the sun was particularly strong this week, I opted for my floppy brimmed ex-army desert hat which while does look slightly ridiculous on me it does give me good protection for my head, face and neck


The next issue to address is bugs. The hot weather brought with it clouds of winged bugs all wanting to have a chomp at anything that moved. To counter this threat I again covered myself with another substance but this time it was Smidge – http://www.walkfife.com/smidge-insect-repellent-review/ and I backed this up with my trusty head net (a mouthful of bugs is something I have had nightmares about in the past). I also packed some insect bite cream as well.


So the other hazard that should be avoided is dehydration. I have written about the need to stay hydrated when walking on a hot day previously in week 20 of my blog – http://www.walkfife.com/week-20-of-seans-4000-mile-walking-challenge/ Dehydration is without doubt one of the most serious issues for the walker. The lack of fluids and exposure to a blazing sun can quickly lead to heat exhaustion or the even more serious condition, heat stroke.

So with that in mind I made sure that each day I headed out I had two full water bottles stowed in my backpack. I regularly stopped along the trails to have a drink to top up my fluids to keep me hydrated and performing at my best.

Week 25 lessons

The good weather caught me out initially and I did get a little sunburned and I did get more than a few bites when I first headed out. I had expected the bad weather to carry on for another week and was little unprepared but now I am set for the rest of summer and have everything in place to help me enjoy my challenge to the full.

Walking on…

Week 26 is going to be spent closer to home and I will be walking some of the rural routes in the West of Fife that have been shared through Walk Fife recently and I am looking forward to exploring an area where I seldom get to explore.

If you have any questions about this challenge or anything Walk Fife related, then please drop me a email at sean@walkfife.com or direct message me through my twitter account @SDMakin.

Catch up with you again next week.

Happy Walking!

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