Scotland was treated to a tremendous heatwave this week.

The record temperatures kept many walkers off the paths and trails.

The heat, while nice, did leave me wishing for a spot of rain or even a slight breeze to help cool me down as I racked up the miles.

So with that in mind on I went in search of the wind around the Kingdom but all it was just too summery so on Thursday I headed out to walk a trail that I have walked often and one that I have mentioned in a previous post –

The trail begins and ends near Glendevon and is just under 10 miles in length. The route loops around Glen Sherup and is a great combination of gentle walking alongside the loch and enjoyable hill walking.

Looking for the breeze…

While the glen was picture perfect it was lacking in the much sought after breeze and the temperature was a sizzling 29 C. However as I made my way up onto the ridge that encircle the glen the wind started to blow and it felt much cooler and ideal conditions for walking.

Cause for concern…

As I made my way around the top of the Glen I noticed a couple of older ladies out for walk with their wee dogs coming in the opposite direction. As I approached them I could see that the hot weather was taking a toll on them as they seemed to be slightly struggling.

I stopped and said hello and asked where they were headed and if they were ok for water. I am glad I asked as they had each exhausted their small supply. Fortunately for them, I had packed plenty of water in my pack as I knew it was going to be a sweltering day so I offered to fill up their water bottles a offer that they gladly accepted.

After giving them what water I could afford to share, I then unfolded my map and suggested that they take an alternative route to their destination which was both shorter in length and offered a little more in the way of shade. At first they were reluctant to take the detour but once I explained that even with the water refill they would most likely run out well short of their goal and after hearing that they agreed and headed off.

We said our goodbyes and I carried on my way and 5 miles later I reached my end point where I took off my boots and revived my sweaty feet in the cooling River Devon while sat in the shade of a few trees along it’s bank.

Week 26 lessons

The good weather does attract a lot of people to the hills and, while many of you reading this post will no doubt be well prepared, their are those who won’t be and that is worrying in many different aspects. I always make a point of stopping and chatting with people I meet on my travels through the hills just to make sure that they are ok and aren’t headed for trouble and this is something I encourage others to do as well.

Walking on…

Week 27 will see me reach 2000 miles and half way through my challenge which I am really looking forward to achieving.

If you have any questions about this challenge or anything Walk Fife related, then please drop me a email at or direct message me through my twitter account @SDMakin.

Catch up with you again next week.

Happy Walking!

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