Week 30 of my challenge was at a slower pace then normal.

This past week I have been a little under the weather and walking was a little tougher.

Getting out for a long walk when feeling rotten isn’t something most people will do but I didn’t want to get too far behind on my challenge so I headed out on to the trails.

Staying motivated…

I hate being ill and feeling in the doldrums. When I fall foul of a virus or a bug, I find it really hard to stay motivated and keep going. In order to keep myself moving, I made sure to eat sensibly and drink plenty to give my body the resources it needed to speed up my recovery. I also tried to make walking as comfortable and easy as possible by avoiding tough climbs and lengthy trails.


Another aspect to good while walking when ill is obviously staying cheerful. I was lucky enough that my family decided to join me on a few walks and the constant teasing and joke telling really helped me get through the miles. Being in good company really made the difference and kept me racking up what miles I could over the course of the week.

Week 30 lessons

The mileage for week 30 was somewhat disappointing when compared to previous weeks but I did need to slow down and get better otherwise my challenge may of become derailed for a longer period. It is important when taking on a challenge such as mine that you recognise when you have to slow down and take it easy otherwise you will soon run into trouble.

Walking on…

Week 31 looks to bring more rain and wild weather to the Kingdom of Fife but as I am now feeling much better and raring to go, I will be getting out and exploring more of Scotland on foot.

If you have any questions about this challenge or anything Walk Fife related, then please drop me a email at sean@walkfife.com or direct message me through my twitter account @SDMakin.

Catch up with you again next week.

Happy Walking!

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