Little signs are beginning to appear across the Kingdom of Fife signalling the approach of autumn.

The bright summery colours are slowly turning to oranges and browns as the days shorten.

We will soon be treated to autumn’s natural firework display of red, yellow, purple, orange, pink and brown colours lighting up our forests, shores and countryside.

I began to notice this gradual transition during this past week of waking along the Fife Coastal Path. The fine weather has past and the temperature has begun to lower with each passing day. This change in scenery and weather has encouraged me to get my colder weather kit out of storage and make sure that it is in good order for when autumn finally arrives proper.

Making sure my equipment and clothing is in good order is important as I will be continuing to head out on the paths and trails to complete my challenge.


These are the first pieces of clothing that I check. Waterproofs are going to be essential for me in the coming months and include not only my jacket and trousers but also includes my back pack covers.

The first thing I checked was that all the seams were still in place and there are no tears etc. Taped seams can start to break down due to age and allow water to enter through the unprotected edges. There are plenty of readily available repair kits should you suffer from this problem and there are also a few manufacturers who will repair faults with your clothing.

Next I make sure I clean the waterproofs with the recommend cleaner and then treat the clothing to reproofing. I opt for the spray-on variant as, in my opinion, the wash-in versions don’t seem to offer the same level of protection.


I have a wide selection of layers for a multitude of weather conditions. I have base layers made from lightweight fast wicking materials and mid layer tops made from light weight fleece. I checked to see that they still retained their close fitting form as, after many washes, they can become quite loose as this is something you want to avoid especially in the layers that will be directly over your skin. I found a few pieces that needed replaced but the majority were good to go.

Hat & Gloves

Keeping your head and hands warm is vital and help to keep you cheery while walking through bad conditions. I check to makes sure they were still in good condition and there were no holes and in the case of the gloves, the seams remain tight and there weren’t any tears (often the result of scrambling through thorns when exploring off track).

With my kit checked, I am ready for the coming season and looking forward to the challenges that autumn will bring my way.

Week 35 lessons

Walking this week have made me realise that the seasons this year have really been knocked out of their normal timings. It has lead to an abundance of wild edibles and very healthy late season crops. This has encouraged me to try to record more of what I have seen this year and map it out for future reference.

Walking on…

Week 36 will be in the company of some new Walk Fife team members. Walking together is a good way of finding out more about each other in an enjoyable way.

If you have any questions about this challenge or anything Walk Fife related, then please drop me a email at or direct message me through my twitter account @SDMakin.

Catch up with you again next week.

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