3000 miles completed!

This past week saw me walk into the final quarter of my 4000 mile walking challenge.

This last 1000 miles has been tough going in many respects. The demands of work and family life along with old injuries flaring up has made my challenge more challenging.

This week I decided to take it easy as I approached my third big marker especially as last week my ankle injury had meant that I had to rest for a 3 days. So I opted for some easy going walks so I headed out on the West Fife Way which is a well established cycle and walking route we shared on the Walk Fife website shortly after it began.

I chose this 18km route as it follows the former Dunfermline to Alloa railway and as such the route is flat and even make it easy walking for my battered ankle. This route takes you from the edge of Dunfermline through the countryside to the Village of Clackmannan.

The route gently snakes it’s way through the countryside and is a very pleasant even with grey skies overhead. There are benches placed along the route and plenty of things to see such as the Dean Plantation and Devilla Forest which are nice stop off points for a picnic and also to seek shelter from sun or rain.

New friends

Upon reaching Clackmannan I managed to find a place for a cuppa before heading back towards Dunfermline. It was while I was enjoying this break I met a few other walkers, John and Grant, who were headed towards the town and they kindly invited my to join them along the way.

As we made our way along the path the guys and I chatted about walks we had enjoyed and hills we had conquered and they revealed that they both were relatively new to walking having only taken it up three years ago. They both had suffered horrendous injuries to their legs from industrial accident that they were both lucky to survive. After a year of rehabilitation the pair had decided to make the most their legs and explore Scotland on foot.

You can download this route by visiting – http://www.walkfife.com/maps-routes/dunfermline-to-clackmannan/

Week 37 lessons

Hearing John and Grant’s story was both horrifying and truly inspirational. Chatting with them as we walked the 18km back to Dunfermline made me realise that, while my ankle injury was a inconvenience to me, it paled in comparison to the injuries these gents had suffered and gave me an extra boost of confidence that I will be able to complete my last 1000 miles.

Walking on…

The remaining 25% of my challenge is going to be tough as we pass through autumn and into winter but I am determined to reach my goal of 4000 miles no matter what I have to over come.

If you have any questions about this challenge or anything Walk Fife related, then please drop me a email at sean@walkfife.com or direct message me through my twitter account @SDMakin.

Catch up with you again next week.

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