In this week of my walking challenge I found myself in Edinburgh through work.

Scotland’s capital city doesn’t immediately leap to mine when thinking of places to go for a walk.

Luckily for me I was working from a office building located very near to the beautiful Holyrood Park. This public park is an expanse of hilly land sitting a few minutes from the heart of the city.

The park is famous for it impressive Arthurs Seat a 251m high hill that looms over the city and the surrounding area and it was this hill that I had in my sights. The park has many trails and paths for walkers of all abilities to enjoy.

Fortunately due to the way my day was scheduled, I had 2 hours to kill before I was required in the office again so I headed out to walk up this world famous landmark. Interestingly, Arthur’s Seat is the largest of the three parts of the Arthur’s Seat Volcano site of special scientific interest (the other parts being Calton Hill and the Castle Rock).

There are many routes to the top of the hill each giving the walker a different perspective of the surrounding city and the countryside beyond. I had a chat with some fellow Walk Fifers and Chris Ramsay, one of our many terrific route verifiers, shared this route he used to run while attending university in the city.

Week 38 of Sean’s 4000 Mile Walking Challenge - Walk Fife
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The route, which is nearly 5km, takes the walker from Queen’s Drive (a short distance from the Scottish Parliament) and on a gentle ramble up to and over the hill top and then back down past St Margaret’s Loch before returning to the starting point after 90 minutes of gentle walking.

As you can see from the video below the route offers some great walking and is really something that many walkers could easily walk and enjoy.

I had a great time walking this route despite the wind and rain which I was treated to as I wandered along the trails but it wouldn’t Edinburgh without the wind and rain!

You can download this route from

Week 38 lessons

This week I realised that there plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy the countryside even if you find yourself in the middle of a city. Many of Scotland’s towns and cities have areas where you can find some amazing walks that can be enjoyed.

I am going to be in the city many more times over the coming few months and I am going to try and find some more great walks that I can enjoy while gaining miles to complete my challenge.

Walking on…

Week 39 is going to be slightly different for me as I have been asked to test some prototype equipment aimed at the walking community. I am both excited and a little anxious about what is ahead but I am keen to help the development team to ensure that produce a product hat is really going to be beneficial for the walker.

If you have any questions about this challenge or anything Walk Fife related, then please drop me a email at or direct message me through my twitter account @SDMakin.

Catch up with you again next week.

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