Timing is perhaps the most important aspect of taking on something like my 4000 Mile Challenge.

Trying to squeeze in time to walk everyday can be tricky especially when modern life can be pretty hectic.

My daily walking plan during the working week involves going out walking three times each day. At the weekends I intend to take on longer and more adventurous walks which will not only achieve more miles walked but will also keep the challenge interesting.

Flexible approach

I am fortunate in the fact that I own and run a small design studio in Fife. This allows me a lot of flexibility in terms of planning my walking which is a benefit that others would not necessarily have. Having this flexible approach to my working day means that I can schedule my walks around commitments such as meetings etc. Juggling this change in my daily routine over the past fortnight has been a little stressful at times but I now think that I have a schedule in place that will work well for me.

Staying happy

Being happy when walking when clocking up the miles is important. My method of scheduling my daily walks means that I don’t have to sacrifice too much time spent with my family and friends and that is vital.

I found very quickly that in my last challenge that having the support of friends and family is vital as they helped to keep my morale high even when venturing out in the foulest of weather. It is also nice to have company along the way as when you are chatting to friend the miles doesn’t seem so long.

Some serious walking

My first week was fairly gentle in terms of milage which allowed me to get into a routine and get myself accustomed to what I had to do in order to achieve my goal. Week two saw my milage increase to 11 miles each day from Monday through to Friday and I clocked up 33 miles over the weekend. This increase has been tiring and there have been a few aches at the end of the day but I am feeling good and as a bonus I have slept really well. To ensure I am not over exerting myself I have a few lighter days next week to look forward to.

Week two lessons

The tech… As I mentioned in episode 17 of the Walk Fife Podcast, I am recording my milage using a GPS sports watch. This is the first time I have used one of these devices and at the beginning of the challenge I did have some doubts that I would take to it as I am not too keen on bulky watches but at the end of week two I have to admit that I am really enjoying using it. The watch has fitted in to my routine seamlessly and is proved to be surprisingly hassle free.

Getting soggy… Half way through week two I discovered that my waterproof jacket had lost it’s water repellency. This was highlighted to me when I felt a stream of icy water making it’s way slowly down my back as I was walking along the Fife Coastal Path one evening…brrrr!

The next day, as it is a sensation that I’d rather avoid in future, I bought some reproofing fluid and treated the jacket. When reproofing a waterproof garment it is important to follow the instructions from both the manufacturer of the garment and also the reproofing fluid otherwise you can ruin it. I also took the opportunity to wash and reproof some of my other waterproof kit which is something I had neglected to check before starting on the walk.

Walking on…

This week has been a challenge at times but it was mainly a good walking experience thanks to all the support I have received from the walking community. If you have any questions about this challenge or anything Walk Fife related, then please drop me a email at sean@walkfife.com or direct message me through my twitter account @SDMakin.

Catch up with you next week.

Happy Walking!

About Sean : Sean Makin is the founder of Walk Fife and is one of the volunteer coordinators behind the Walk Fife website and community.

Sean presents our regular audio podcast and can often be found walking along the Fife Coastal Path and over the Lomond Hills. You can follow Sean through his twitter account at @SDMakin and you can email him at sean@walkfife.com

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