The Walk Fife team spend a lot of time outdoors walking, exploring and working and know that having the correct kit is essential.

We have put together a list of typical clothing and equipment that we see as being the essentials that you should consider.

To start things off lets look at the type of clothing that you should have when walking through the Kingdom.

Socks – it is important you choose your socks well as they can make walking long distances more comfortable and also help prevent the formation of blisters and sores. Look for walking socks that provide cushioning and are made from a fast wicking material which will aid in keep you feet dry and let your skin breath.

Boots / Shoes – When you are exploring Fife on foot it is important to wear the correct footwear. The Walk Fife team has put together their top tips to help you choose well – Click here to view.

Trousers – walking trousers are a good choice as they are often lightweight, fast wicking (important if you get caught in a unexpected shower) and provide storage in the form of deep pockets and thigh pockets for maps and personal belongings. Trousers that can convert to shorts are a good idea as you can remove the legs when it is hot and replace them if the temperature drops or you meet the dreaded Scottish Midge.

Upper Body Layers – it is a good idea to dress in layers especially your upper body as it allows you add and remove layers as you heat up and cool down. Look for a base layer made from a lightweight fast wicking material and a mid layer top (light weight fleece). Avoid material that does not allow your body to breath as it may lead to dehydration or potentially heat stroke.

Waterproofs – The Scottish weather is famous for being unpredictable and as such it is always best to be prepared for a downpour while out walking. Look for waterproof trousers that can be quick put on over your shoes or boots. Choose a lightweight jacket that fits comfortably over the top of your layers, is windproof and also is breathable to prevent a build up of condensation. Lower leg gaiters are another bit of waterproof kit that you may want to invest in if you are intending of doing a lot of wild walking especially when wearing shoes as opposed to boots.

Headwear – A cap or hat offers good protection from wind, rain, sun and the dreaded Midges.

Other Equipment – Some other walking essential include sunglasses with good UVA/UVB filtering, sunscreen, map and compass (a GPS is helpful as well), emergency whistle, small first aid kit, mobile phone (taking some coins for a public call box is a good idea as well), drinks and snacks, gloves, torch and spare socks. You can cary this easily in a small back pack. We favour carrying a lightweight 35 litre pack which has a breathable back to it to prevent overheating.

The above is what we see as the basic kit list you should look to have before going out for a days walking but it is not set in stone. You should aim is to put together a kit list that helps to make you walking experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. If you have you own suggestions then please share they with us by making a comment below.

Happy walking!

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