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The Walk Fife team of volunteers have put together a list of frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that is not answered below then please feel free to drop us a email at info@walkfife.com and we will do our best to answer it as soon as possible.

How often will you be updating the walking routes?

We aim to add new routes to the website every Friday.

Do I have to pay to download walking routes?

No you don’t. Walk Fife is 100% free to access and use.

Can I share my downloaded walking routes with others?

Yes. We are happy for you to share the routes featured on the Walk Fife website with others. The only thing we ask you not to do is to share them with other websites especially commercially orientated services.

Do I need a GPS to use the Walk Fife walking routes?

No, you can print off the map directly from our website or you can download and use the routes with mapping services such as OS Maps which will provide you with a more accurate walking map.

What kind of GPS device do I need?

You can use a dedicated handheld GPS device such a Garmin eTrex or a GPS enabled smart phone with a navigation app installed eg OS Maps , Motion X GPS or Viewranger.

Can I send in a traditional route card of a walking route?

We prefer that you send us a GPX or KML file of your route but if this is not possible you can send us a traditional route card containing the grid references of all your waypoints along with a description of the route. Please note that routes sent to us in this way will take longer to appear on the website due to the additional time it takes for our volunteers to plot the route for inclusion on the Walk Fife website..

Can I send in tracks instead of routes?

Yes you can but we prefer that you save your track as a route instead. This is a function that software packages like Garmin’s free Basecamp app (Mac and PC) allows you to do with one click of the mouse.

What is the minimum distance for a walking route submission?

There is no maximum or minimum distance limit for submitted walking routes. You can send us routes of a short walk around a local park or even your favourite dog walking route around your local neighbourhood.

Can I send in walking routes from other UK regions?

No. Walk Fife is focussed only on the Fife region. However, you can send routes that start or end in Fife.

Is there a limit to how many walking routes I can send in?

No. There are no limits to how many routes you can submit to the Walk Fife website.

My walking route is similar to one already listed on the website, can I still submit for listing?

If your route is different is some way eg you take a different path or you start at different point, then you can send it to us for listing.

If your route is identical to one already listed then please do not send us it.

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