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The Walk Fife team are big fans of geocaching especially as there are hundreds to be found in the Fife region.

Geocaching is fun for all the family and can often turn a “boring” walk into a exciting mini adventure for youngsters.

Geocaching is a great way to get active and get out exploring the world around you and is easily accessible to people of all ages, ability and fitness.

So what is geocaching?

It can be best described as a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices.

Participants navigate to a specific set of coordinates and then attempt to find the cleverly hidden containers around the world.

How can I find a geocache?

To find a geocache you need to have a  handheld GPS device or a GPS enabled device such as a smart phone using a geocaching app. You can download free apps for Android and Apple devices.

You also need to set up a free user account with to allow you to locate and log your finds. If you catch the bug you can upgrade to a premium account which allows you access to more geocaches and special functions.

What does a geocache look like?

Geocaches are often small box like containers and vary widely in shape and size. They each contain a paper log sheet or note pad to allow finders to log their visit.

Larger geocaches can also allow people to place small items in it. If you take something from the box you must replace it with something else. Shown below are some examples of common geocaches.

How many geocaches are there in Fife?

At the time of writing there are over 2.8 million active geocaches hidden throughout 180 countries across the globe. In Fife alone there are many hundreds of geocaches to find and more and more are being added each and every month.

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Geocaching In Fife - The Walk Fife Guide to Geocaching
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