The Highlander Blackthorn 1 is a one man tent that is ideal for the walker or  backpacker on a budget.

Equally at home on the hills and in the woodlands this tent can keep you sheltered in most conditions in Scotland.

Last year I needed a tent solution that would allow me to take a tent with me when I go walking on the hills especially when I take my kids with me but wouldn’t cost me a fortune and after I read a favourable review of it in Trail magazine I opted for the Blackthorn 1 and I am very glad I did.


The Blackthorn 1 has a respectable hydrostatic rating of 2000mm which enables you camp out in some quiet wet and wild weather. The glass fibre tent poles are strong, well constructed and well placed to enable the tent to take a fair amount of hammering from the wind. The fly sheet has been well made and fit well over the internal frame.

The ground sheet has bee put together extremely well giving a tough and watertight base to the tent. The tent is slightly heavier and more bulky than the more expensive options available from the leading brands but I have not really found this to be a problem.


The are two downsides to the Blackthorn 1 that I have found.

I have found is that you have to put up the internal element of the tent first. This means that in the rain the internal part of the tent gets wet until you mange to get the flysheet over it. This hasn’t been a great issue for me personally but I know it will be a problem to others.

The tent is not one for people over 6ft tall. I am 5’8″ tall and there is enough space for me but anyone reaching 6ft will not have enough space in this tent.


I have used this tent numerous times in rain and was really surprised at how well it stood up. Throughout the good weather this tent has found a use as a beach shelter as well for my kids which has been a bonus as we lost our beach tent last year (I accidentally left it behind when rain hit and we made a mad dash for home). The tent is an excellent solution for those on a budget and still want a tent that performs well. It is well made and will serve you well for a number of years. Top Kit.

Highlander Blackthorn 1 Tent

Overall Design - 8.5
Quality of Construction - 8.5
Value for Money - 9


Top Kit!

I have used this tent numerous times in rain and was really surprised at how well it stood up.


Pack Size: 40x12x12cm
Weight: 1.5kg
Width: 170cm
Length: 265cm
Height: 75cm
Hydrostatic Rating: 2000mm
Available From: Amazon

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