Keeping your map safe and dry is vital when walking through the wilds of Scotland.

There are many different solutions available for the walker wanting make sure their maps remain secure and usable no matter the weather.

The Walk Fife team have owned and used many different map cases in an assorted array of designs. There are a few that have stood out from the crowd and we will be featuring the best on our website to help you choose the one that is best for you.

Highlander Explorer Map Case

Scottish firm Highlander have been producing affordable equipment for the outdoors for many years. They have a range of map cases available and the one with are featuring in this review is their Explorer map case.

The case is manufactured from a very durable ripstop polyester fabric which is water resistant and is secured closed with a strip of velcro. The external face of the case has a generous detachable neck strap.

The strap uses plastic clips to lock on to d-rings on the case. This d-rings allow you secure the case to your pack should you require.

When opened, the map case reveals its main map pocket. This again features velcro closure and is made from a thick and flexible clear plastic.

The pocket is large enough to contain two panels of a standard OS or Harvey map. The plastic covering allows the user to mark up their map using a wax pencil without damaging the map itself.

Behind the map pocket there is a zipped compartment where you can store spare maps, route cards etc. This a handy feature to have especially if you are on a long trip in the wilds.

To the right of the map pocket are three other compartments. One is the perfect size for a base plate compass (or small GPS) to be stored and to the right of this is another which is a ideal to keep your pens/pencils. Above these two compartments is a clear plastic faced pocket suitable for your notebook or reference tools.

In Use

As this is a essentially a closed map case, it is more suited to those walkers who are confident and don’t require to constantly refer to their map while on the trial.

The case performs well in bad weather and, despite only being rated as water resistant, it can withstand fairly heavy downpours.

The clear map pocket works really well with wax pencils and your marks remain place until wiped off intentionally on the completion of your walk.


The Highlander Explorer map case does everything you would want it to. It is well made and is available for a good price. Ideal for the navigator walking a long trail through Scotland.

Available from: AmazonHighlander

Highlander Explorer Map Case - Review

Overall Design - 8.5
Overall Quality - 9
Effectivness - 8.5
Value For Money - 9


Top Kit

Ideal for the navigator walking a long trail through Scotland.

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